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Slavic languages

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Throughout Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia
Linguistic classification:Indo-European
ISO 639-2 and 639-5:sla
Slavic europe.svg
     Countries where an East Slavic language is the national language

     Countries where a West Slavic language is the national language

     Countries where a South Slavic language is the national language

The Slavic language (also called Slavonic language) (Russian: Славянские языки/Slavyanskie yazyki; Ukrainian: Слов'янські мови/Slovjanśki movy; Polish: Język Słowiański) is the largest language family of the Indo-European group. Slavic languages and dialects are spoken in Central, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and northern Asia.

List of Slavic languages

East Slavic languages

West Slavic languages

South Slavic languages

The Southern slavic languages are a language family inside the slavic languages part of the Indo-European languages.

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