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Developer(s)Nintendo EAD
Director(s)Kazunobu Shimizu
Producer(s)Shigeru Miyamoto
Composer(s)Masaru Tajima
Mitsuteru Furukawa
Naoto Ishida
Platform(s)Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Virtual Console (Wii, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS), Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online
ReleaseSuper Nintendo Entertainment System:
Virtual Console (Wii):
Virtual Console (Wii U):
Virtual Console (New 3DS):
Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online:
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

F-Zero is a racing video game first made for the SNES, where Captain Falcon made his debut. It involves racing around a track at high speeds. Other games in the F-Zero series are F-Zero X for Nintendo 64, F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for Game Boy Advance. F-Zero GX for Nintendo GameCube and F-Zero: GP Legend for Game Boy Advance.


Captain Falcon (キャプテン・ファルコン Kyaputen Farukon?) is the main character of the F-Zero series. He wears a blue suit and a red mask. His signature move is the "Falcon Punch".

Original names: Vehicle: Initial descriptions:
Originated from F-Zero
Dr. Stewart Golden Fox Respected M.D. who participated in the races after the death of his father.
Pico Wild Goose Rumored to be a notorious contract killer who aggressively drives around the circuits.
Samurai Goroh Fire Stingray Boss of a group of bandits who live in Red Canyon.
Originated from F-Zero X
A total of twenty-seven characters debuted in F-Zero X, with two of them sharing the same vehicle.
Antonio Guster Green Panther Former partner and friend of Samurai Goroh, that was later betrayed and abandoned by him. As a result, Guster now seeks revenge on Goroh.[1]
Mrs. Arrow/Mrs. Monique L’Amoreaux Arrow[2][cn 1] Queen Meteor Always enthusiastically enjoyed F-Zero and pursued a career in racing at the age of 14 where she eventually befriended and married Super Arrow.[2]
Baba/Baba Orninion[4] Iron Tiger A rookie pilot who greatly desired to be an F-Zero racer and now seeks to win the entire Grand Prix.[4]
Beastman Hyper Speeder Beastman participates in the races to relieve himself of the mental torment he suffered after being mauled by an alligator at age 7.[5]
Billy Mad Wolf A primate who wants to prove that monkeys are superior to humans.[6]
Bio Rex Big Fang A genetically-engineered mixture of man and dinosaur who races to prove bioengineered species are superior to all other natural species.[7]
Black Shadow Black Bull The "King of Evil" who wants revenge on Captain Falcon for arresting a witch doctor who is said to have given Shadow his abilities.[8]
Blood Falcon Blood Hawk / Hell Hawk (JP)[9][cn 1] A nearly identical clone of Captain Falcon who was created by Black Shadow in order to ruin the Captain's reputation.[8]
Dr. Clash Crazy Bear Scientist who created numerous F-Zero vehicles then decided to enter himself for the fame.[10]
Draq Mighty Typhoon An alien who had deep aspirations of entering the Grand Prix which became a reality after stealing a couple of vehicles with Roger Buster from a delivery service the two work together in.[11]
Mr. EAD Great Star Created by the organization "EAD, this cyborg participates in the F-Zero races to test his IQ and intellect.[12]
Gomar & Shioh Twin Noritta The two aliens were originally prevented from entering due to the fact only one racer per vehicle is allowed. However, these aliens who come from a species who live in pairs and act as one were eventually allowed to participate.[13]
Jack Levin Astro Robin The F-Zero committee was looking for someone who could attend to the new, younger demographic. Levin was selected and now sends back money to his poor family gained from his popularity.[14]
James McCloud Little Wyvern Participates in the F-Zero races to win enough funds in order to keep the organization he is part of afloat.[15]
Jody Summer White Cat Summer dedicated her F-Zero career to her father, who died.[16]
John Tanaka Wonder Wasp Vows to protect Jody Summer in the F-Zero tournaments after the death of a professor who was very influential in Tanaka's life and who was also Jody's father.[17]
Kate Alen Super Piranha A singer and dancer who decided to fulfill her desire to take part in the F-Zero racing.[18]
Leon Space Angler Introduced to F-Zero racing after impressing the Arrows on his home planet.[19]
Michael Chain Wild Boar An orphan who was accepted by a gang then later took part in the F-Zero tournaments due to his addictive hobby to racing.[20]
Mighty Gazelle/MM Gazelle (JP)[21][cn 1] Red Gazelle Talented racer who wiped out his vehicle, ended up hospitalized and then was later revived as a cyborg after pushing his vehicle too hard in the races.[22]
Octoman/Octman (JP)[23][cn 1] Deep Claw An alien from a world that are required to watch his races.[24]
Roger Buster Mighty Hurricane Had aspirations of entering the Grand Prix which became a reality after being convinced by Draq to steal a couple of vehicles with an unknown recipient and no return address from a delivery service the two work together in.[11][25]
Silver Neelsen Night Thunder Holds the record for most F-Zero races entered, but has yet to win a Grand Prix.[26]
The Skull/Arbin Gordon (JP)[27][cn 1] Sonic Phantom Former pilot of the old days of F-Zero who was resurrected from the dead by science and black magic to race again.[28]
Super Arrow King Meteor Helped lift the ban of the F-Zero tournaments which was the result of a crash that had killed fourteen racers[29]
Zoda Death Anchor Seeks revenge on the Arrows and Captain Falcon after 26 of his men were turned in.[30]
Originated from F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Alexander O'Neil The Stingray Former football player
Blitz Wagner Silver Thunder
Jane B. Christie J. B. Crystal Is probably lying about her age
Kent Akechi Falcon MK-II Claims to be the son of Captain Falcon
Kumiko Fighting Comet
Lord Cyber Sly Joker[cn 1]/Dirty Joker (JP) A wealthy baron
Megan Hot Violet Rumored to be a Karate expert
Mickey Marcus Fireball Fan-favorite of the F-Zero circuit
Nichi Wind Walker[cn 1]/Crazy Horse (JP) Nicknamed "The Sweep Man"
Yazoo Jr. Jet Vermilion
Originated from F-Zero AX
Dai Goroh Silver Rat The only son of Samurai Goroh. As an F-Zero pilot, he seems to show more aptitude and potential than his father.
Dai San Gen Pink Spider Similar to Gomar & Shioh, these three aliens share a telepathic link.
Don Genie Fat Shark Famous mogul head of the universal traders. Has been arrested numerous times for shady dealings and is a suspected conspirator with Black Shadow.
Lily Flyer Bunny Flash A young soldier in the Galactic Federation reserves.
Phoenix Rainbow Phoenix Time-traveling detective.
PJ Groovy Taxi Suspended taxi driver who modified his cab into an F-Zero machine.
Princia Ramode Spark Moon Energetic princess of the desert kingdom of Magica. Was determined to race in the Grand Prix after witnessing a race on Earth.
QQQ Rolling Turtle Phoenix's robot partner.
Spade Magic Seagull A magician trying to raise money for his circus.
Terry "Digi-Boy" Getter Cosmic Dolphin A boy genius.
Originated from F-Zero GX
Deathborn Dark Schneider A human who has died three times, only to resurrect himself by replacing his damaged organs with mechanical ones on each occasion, making him essentially immortal. Seeks to harness the combined forces of light and dark to conquer the universe.
Originated from F-Zero: GP Legend
Rick Wheeler/Ryu Suzaku[31][cn 1] Dragon Bird A champion racer and a detective, Rick was seriously injured after chasing down a criminal. He was revived 150 years later and joined the Galaxy Mobile Platoon. Rick now competes in F-Zero races, but vows to bring the one who nearly killed him to justice.
Lucy Liberty Elegance Liberty Lucy's a newcomer to the Galaxy Mobile Platoon. She works very close with Dr. Clash to learn the mechanics of F-Zero and occasionally take part in races.
Misaki Haruka/Miss Killer (JP)[31]

Misaki Haruka/Luna Ryder[cn 1]

Moon Shadow Miss Killer was originally Misaki Haruka, Ryu Suzaku's girlfriend. She was deepfreezed and woke up 150 years later. Brainwashed, she joined Black Shadow.[31]
Lisa Brilliant Panzer Emerald She is the wife of Samurai Goroh and a member of his group of intergalactic thieves.
Originated from F-Zero Climax[32]
Berserker Red Bull Bart Lemming, having faked his death and passed on the mantle of "Captain Falcon" to Ryu Suzaku, disguises himself as Berserker to infiltrate Dark Millions.
Clank Hughes Dragon Bird EX He "inherits" Ryu Suzaku's Dragon Bird (and modifies it) after he becomes Captain Falcon. Being too young, Clank uses the android Tech as his aide.
Dark Soldier Soldier Anchor One of many robotic, low-ranking foot soldiers working for the Dark Million Organization.
Hyper Zoda Hyper Death Anchor Zoda's new form, due to his empowerment by one of the Reactor Mights.
Young Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Ryu Suzaku as the new Captain Falcon.


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