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Galician language

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Region Galicia and adjacent areas in Asturias, Castile and León and Portugal.
Native speakers (3.2 million cited 1986)
Language family
Early forms:
Writing system Latin (Galician alphabet)
Official status
Official language in  Galicia
Regulated by Royal Galician Academy
Language codes
ISO 639-1 gl
ISO 639-2 glg
ISO 639-3 glg
Linguasphere 51-AAA-ab
Localización Galicia.png
Map of Spain with Galicia in green

Galician (Galician: Galego, Galego-Português) is a language that is spoken in Galicia, just north of Portugal. It is very similar to Portuguese. Some even say it is the same language but with a different accent. Galician is very close to Leonese language.

Galician is a Romance language that started on the west part of the Roman Empire called Gallaecia. Today, this same place is the north of Portugal and Galicia itself.

Galician took words from many languages, like Latin, Germanic, Spanish, and Celtic.

The Galician of today comes from the Galician-Portuguese language spoken during the Middle Ages.

Today, Galician is spoken only in Galicia and by some people in North America, South America and Western Europe. In Jalisco, Mexico used to be Nueva Galicia and still carrying Galician accent and words in Jalisco.

Real language or not

Some people say Galician and Portuguese are the same language, because there are not a lot differences between them, but they are officially two separate languages.

People that speak Portuguese and people who speak Galician can understand each other very well.