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Temporal range: Early Eocene - Recent
Yellow-spotted Hyrax (Heterohyrax brucei)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Superorder: Afrotheria
Order: Hyracoidea
Huxley, 1869


Hyrax also called dassie is any of four species of fairly small, thickset, herbivorous mammals in the order Hyracoidea, any of six species of small hoofed mammal (ungulates) native to Africa and extreme southwestern Asia.

Hyraxes are well-furred rotund creatures with a short tail. Most measure between 30–70 cm long and weigh between 2–5 kg. Hyraxes are mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible and it is possible that the Hebrew word for hyrax is the source of the name of present-day Spain. Even though hyraxes are not native to Spain, rabbits are, and the theory states that early Hebrew explorers considered the rabbits to be a variety of hyrax.