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Los Ríos Region

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Coordinates: 39°48′30″S 73°14′30″W / 39.80833°S 73.24167°W / -39.80833; -73.24167
Los Ríos Region (XIV Región de Los Ríos)
Region of Chile
Flag of Los Ríos, Chile.svg
Coat of arms of Los Ríos, Chile.svg
Coat of arms
Country  Chile
Provinces Valdivia, El Ranco
Capital Valdivia
 - coordinates 39°48′30″S 73°14′30″W / 39.80833°S 73.24167°W / -39.80833; -73.24167
Highest point Villarrica
 - elevation 2,860 m (9,383 ft)
Lowest point Pacific Ocean
 - elevation m (0 ft)
Area 18,429.5 km² (7,116 sq mi) [1]
Population 407,300 (2016) [2]
Density 22 /km² (57 /sq mi)
Intendant Ricardo Millán[3]
ISO 3166-2 CL-LR
Los Ríos, in red, in Chile
Los Ríos, in red, in Chile
Website: Official website (in Spanish)

The XIV Los Ríos Region (Spanish: XIV Región de Los Ríos, Region of the Rivers) is one of Chile's 15 first order administrative divisions. Its capital and largest city is Valdivia.

It began to operate as a region on 2007, having been created by subdividing the Los Lagos Region in southern Chile. It consists of two provinces: Valdivia and the new El Ranco province, that was part of the Valdivia province.


The Los Ríos region has an area of 18,429.5 km2 (7,115.7 sq mi).[1]

It borders the La Araucanía region to the north, Argentina to the east, the Los Lagos region to the south and the Pacific Ocean on the west.[1]

The two main rivers in the region are the Valdivia river, in the northern part of the region, and the Bueno river, in the southern part of the region.

The highest mountain in the region is the Villarrica volcano (Spanish: Volcán Villarrica) (39°25′15″S 71°56′22″W / 39.42083°S 71.93944°W / -39.42083; -71.93944 (Volcán Villarrica)), 2,860 m (9,380 ft) high, near the border with Argentina.[4]


The Los Ríos had a population of 356,396 inhabitants (2002 census) and its population density was 19.3.

The largest city in the region is its capital, Valdivia, with 127,750 inhabitants (2002 census). The other provincial capital, La Unión had 25,615 inhabitants.


The Los Ríos region is further subdivided into two provinces: Valdivia and El Ranco.

Los Ríos Region - Provinces and comunas
Province Capital Code Comuna Area[1]
Valdivia (141) Valdivia 14101 Valdivia 1,015.6 140,559
14102 Corral 766.7 5,463
14103 Lanco 532.4 15,107
14104 Los Lagos 1,791.2 20,168
14105 Máfil 582.7 7,213
14106 Mariquina 1,320.5 18,223
14107 Paillaco 896.0 19,237
14108 Panguipulli 3,292.1 33,273
Total of Valdivia province 10,197.2 259,243
El Ranco (142) La Unión 14201 La Unión 2,136.7 39,447
14202 Futrono 2,120.6 14,981
14203 Lago Ranco 1,763.3 10,098
14204 Río Bueno 2,211.7 32,327
Total of El Ranco province 8,232.3 97,153
Total of the region 18,429.5 356,396


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