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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Developer(s) Capcom
Publisher(s) Capcom
Nintendo (AU)
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) Game Boy Advance
JPN October 11, 2001
Nintendo DS
JPN September 15, 2005
NA October 11, 2005
EUR March 31, 2006
AUS March 8, 2007
Microsoft Windows
JPN December 23, 2005
Genre(s) Adventure, visual novel
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) CERO: B
PEGI: 7+
Media 64 MB + 64KB EEPROM

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a video game for the Nintendo DS. It is a remake of a Japanese (from Japan) video game for the GBA (Game Boy Advance) called Gyakuten Saiban.


Phoenix Wright

The player plays Phoenix Wright, who is a defence attorney (somebody who tries to prove that his "client" did not do a crime).

Mia Fey

Mia Fey is Phoenix's boss. She is killed in the second trial. She is also a very smart lawyer.

Maya Fey

Maya is Mia's little sister. She loves hamburgers. When she talks to or about Phoenix, she calls him 'Nick'. She also loves the TV-show 'The Steel Samurai'.

Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth is a public prosecutor. He is the rival of Phoenix Wright. He wanted to become lawyer in his childhood but changed this dream because of one incident. He is a classmate of Phoenix Wright and Larry Buts in an elementary school. He hates earthquakes.

Larry Butz

Larry Butz is Phoenix's client in the first trial of the game, where he is blamed for murder (killing someone). He is also a witness (somebody who talks about what they saw of the crime in court) in the fourth trial.

Winston Payne

Winston Payne is a public prosecutor of first case. He appears in every series of Phoenix Wright. He changes his hairstyle in every new series.

Dick Gumshoe

Dick Gumshoe is a police officer. He takes charge of initial investigation. When he made a mistake, his pay was cut by Miles Edgeworth, so he lives on fine noodles.

Manfred von Karma

Manfred von Karma is a public prosecutor. He is a master of Miles Edgeworth. He didn't lose for 40 years. But actually, he did hiding and fabrication.

The Story

There are 5 trials in the game. The first 4 trials have the word Turnabout in their names because the Japanese name means Turnabout Court.

The First Turnabout

Larry Butz is blamed for killing his girlfriend, Cindy Stone.

Turnabout Sisters

Mia Fey was killed in her office. Her sister, Maya Fey was suspected of the murder. Phoenix Wright decided to defend her. In the court, Phoenix Wright met Miles Edgeworth again.

Turnabout Samurai

An actor was killed in the Global Studios, which makes a film of 'The Steel Samurai'.

Turnabout Goodbyes

A man was killed on the boat on the Gourd Lake. The suspect is Miles Edgeworth. Phoenix Wright tries to defend him but he refuses this offer first ...

Rise from the Ashes

Murder cases happened at the basement of the public prosecutor's office. At the same time, murder cases also happened at the police office. A girl comes to ask Phoenix Wright to defend her sister.

Game System

This game goes forward by doing Adventure part and Court part in turns.

Adventure part

Player moves to the scenes to seek evidence and get the information from the people concerned.

Court part

Players do the cross examination of a witness by using 'Press' and 'Present'.[[