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School in Agrestina, Brazil.
Village school in Sudan, 2002

A school is a place where people go to learn. In a school, one or more teachers or professors help pupils or students with learning. Today, most countries require that children go to school for a number of years, so that they can learn some of what they need later in life, such as reading, writing, and some basic math. However children with mental issues that are too much for the school to handle are not required to attend. These children must be given other ways to receive required schooling. Colleges, universities and high schools are different types of schools. Vocational schools teach skills people need for jobs.


Some people attend school longer than others. This is because some jobs require more training than others. At first, one teacher is able to teach all subjects, but later, teachers are specialized and they only teach a few subjects.

Common subjects taught include science, arts such as music and humanities, like geography and history, and languages.

There are special schools, too. That way, a truck driver that wants to get a better job later can again go to a specialized people school.

Schools for boys and schools for girls

Some schools are for boys and some schools are for girls; they only accept boys, or girls, but not both. Schools were often attached to religious buildings. That way, a religion place also had a school. Since there are only monks in a monastery, this was often also true for the school, which only accepted boys. Going to a school also meant learning about religion.

School as a place to learn for life

In many parts of the world, schools also help children with other things:

  • Because of school, pupils can develop their personality
  • Because of religion or ethics, schools help to form pupils so they can make a difference between right and wrong.
  • Schools help people recognise socially accepted norms and behaviour.

Pedagogy is the science about teaching (children). There are different approaches to teaching. Similarly, certain schools use different approaches.

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