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Developer(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher(s) Windows, Mac OS
NA Blizzard Entertainment
PAL Sierra Entertainment
Nintendo 64
Series StarCraft series
Engine Modified Warcraft II engine
Version 1.16.1
Platform(s) Windows, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Nintendo 64
Release date(s) Windows (PC)
NA / PAL April 1, 1998 (1998-04-01)
KOR April 9, 1998
Mac OS
NA March 1999
Nintendo 64
NA June 13, 2000
PAL May 25, 2001
Genre(s) Real-time strategy
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Rating(s) ESRB: T (Teen)
USK: 12+
OFLC: M15+
ELSPA: 15+
PEGI: 16+
Media CD-ROM, Nintendo 64 Cartridge
System requirements

Windows 95 or better
90 MHz Pentium
2x CD-ROM drive
640x480 8-bit display
Mac OS:
System 7.6 or better
PowerPC 601 or better

StarCraft is a real-time strategy game for the PC. It was created in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment.


The story is set in the future, where humans (called Terrans) get stuck in a war between two alien species, the Zerg and the Protoss. The Zerg look like monsters, and are all controlled by a very powerful Zerg called the Overmind. They fly around the universe and invade planets. The Protoss, who have very advanced technology, look for the planets that the Zerg have taken over. When they find a Zerg planet, they burn it so that the Zerg on that planet cannot spread to others. In the original series human protagonist Jim Raynor and several Protoss allies attack and defeat the Overmind. In Starcraft: Brood War Jim's ex-partner Sarah Kerrigan uses deceit and trickery to manipulate the Terran and Protoss into helping her take control of the entire Zerg brood, making her the strongest force in the galaxy.


StarCraft players can choose to be the Protoss, Zerg, or Terran. Each race has different soldiers and buildings. Players can choose one-player or multiplayer games. In both, the player must build a base, gather resources, and make fighters to attack the enemy.

In one-player mode, there is the Campaign mode, and Custom mode. In Campaign mode, the player goes through a series of missions, which tell the story. Custom mode lets a player choose what race they want to be, what area they want to play on, and what race they will fight against (all enemies are controlled by the computer).

During a game, the player must use units to gather minerals and vespene gas. They must also build structures or units which provide supplies. Each type of unit costs a certain amount of gas, minerals, and supplies. If the player does not have enough of a resource, he or she cannot build more units. Also, there is a supply limit, 200 units, to make the game more fair. Resources are gathered by worker units. Minerals are needed for all units and buildings, and come as blue crystals from the ground. Vespene gas is needed for stronger units and comes as a geyser with green smoke blowing out of it. A special building must be built on these geysers before worker units can gather the gas.

There are many different buildings in the game. Some buildings let the player build units, and other buildings can make units stronger, or do research to let more powerful units be built. Every units needs something called 'supply', which is supplied by buildings or units that are different in each species. Players need to have supply, because if they do not they cannot build any more units. No player can have more than two hundred supply, so they can only build a certain number of units.

Each species has very different types of units. The Protoss have powerful warriors and machinery, which cost a lot, and the Zerg use many fast, cheap units to defeat their enemies. The Terran are a middle between these, having strong but easy to kill units that are very powerful when they are used in formation. No species in StarCraft is more powerful than another species. Blizzard has released many small updates to the game that keep all the species balanced.

To win, players must capture and use resources wisely, and use smart strategies. To become very skilled at the game, players also need to become good at micromanagement and macromanagement all at the same time. Macromanagement means building new bases and collecting resources. Micromanagement means moving units so that they can use their special powers to protect each other, and doing many small things to make the fight go smoothly. This makes StarCraft different from many newer games, because the newer games often will do much of the micromanagement without the player having to do it.

Starcraft is 14 years old, but still played by many people, in many countries around the world. It is very popular in countries like Korea and the United States.

On May 19, 2007 Blizzard said that they are making StarCraft II. Also, they have held some events for South Korean Starcraft pro-gamers to participate and give them assist about the game.

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