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Slogan Preserving for posterity
Commercial? No
Available language(s) English
Owner Unknown
Created by Gunther Eysenbach
Launched 1997
Alexa rank 69,863 (April 2013)[1]
Current status Online with frequent outages, seeking funding

WebCite is a service that archives web pages. A user asks WebCite to archive a certain URL, and then WebCite will make a copy of what the page looks like at that time. Authors use this when writing citations. If the webpage changes or is removed ("link rot"), there is still a copy on WebCite. This is very important when writing papers for academic journals or for school. Using the WebCite service is free (it costs no money.)

WebCite saves many kinds of internet content. Some of these are:

It also saves some information ("metadata") about the original content. This information includes the time it was saved, the MIME type, and how long it is. This information is useful because it can prove that the archive version is authentic.