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Burmese language

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မြန်မာစာ (written Burmese)
မြန်မာစကား (spoken Burmese)
PronunciationIPA: [mjəmàzà] or IPA: [mjəmà zəɡá]
RegionBurma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore
EthnicityBamar people
Native speakers33 million  (2007)[1]
Second language: 10 million
Language family
Early forms:
Old Burmese
  • Burmese
Writing systemBurmese script
Official status
Official language in Myanmar
Regulated byMyanmar Language Commission
Language codes
ISO 639-1my
ISO 639-2bur (B)
mya (T)
ISO 639-3mya

Burmese (in Burmese ba-ma-sa, pronounced /baa-MAA-saa/) is a language spoken in Myanmar. Burmese is a Sino-Tibetan language, meaning that is close to Chinese and Tibetan.

Burmese has three tones (high, medium, low: plus two 'stops or abbreviated additional, qualifying 'tones), no gender {have natural gender eg. saya (male teacher), sayama(female teacher)}, and no tense. Burmese has many English and Indian words(loan words) though is a very distinct and full language itself with a long history and substantial numbers of proudly articulated dialects.


Here are some examples of words and sentences in Burmese.

Hello = min-ga-la-ba

How are you? = Nei kaun la?

I am (name) = Cha-naw yè nan-bè ga _______

(Kya-naw is replaced with kya-ma for females.)

What is your name? = Ka-mya ba kaw da lè?

Are you Burmese? = Nae ba-ma pyi ga la da la?

(Note: To ask if someone is from other countries, just replace ba-ma pyi with any of the countries below.)

America = A-mè-ree-ka

France = Pyin-thit

Britain = In-ga-lan

Germany = Ja-ma-nee

Russia = Ra-sha

Thailand = Yoe-da-ya

Japan = Ja-pan

Chinese = Ta-yote

Indian = in-di-yah


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