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Colombia was at the Olympic Games in 1932 for the first time.

Colombia at the
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The International Olympic Committee's official abbreviation for Colombia is COL.[1]


Teams from Colombia have been in all but one Summer Olympic Games since then, missing only the 1952 Games. Colombia was in the Winter Olympic Games in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Colombian athletes have won a total of eleven Olympic medals in six different sports. María Isabel Urrutia won the nation's first gold medal in 2000.

The National Olympic Committee for Colombia was formed in 1936 and recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 1948.

List of medalists

Medal Name Games Sport Event
3  Bronze Rojas, ClementeClemente Rojas 1972 Munich Boxing Men's featherweight
3  Bronze Pérez, AlfonsoAlfonso Pérez 1972 Munich Boxing Men's lightweight
2  Silver Bellingrodt, HelmutHelmut Bellingrodt 1972 Munich Shooting 50 metre running target
2  Silver Bellingrodt, HelmutHelmut Bellingrodt 1984 Los Angeles Shooting 50 metre running target
3  Bronze Julio Rocha, JorgeJorge Julio Rocha 1988 Seoul Boxing Men's bantamweight
3  Bronze Restrepo, XimenaXimena Restrepo 1992 Barcelona Athletics Women's 400 metres
1  Gold Urrutia, María IsabelMaría Isabel Urrutia 2000 Sydney Weightlifting Women's 75 kg
3  Bronze Calle, María LuisaMaría Luisa Calle 2004 Athens Cycling Women's points race
3  Bronze Mosquera, MabelMabel Mosquera 2004 Athens Weightlifting Women's 53 kg
2  Silver Salazar, Diego FernandoDiego Fernando Salazar 2008 Beijing Weightlifting Men's 62 kg
3  Bronze Rentería, JackelineJackeline Rentería 2008 Beijing Wrestling Women's freestyle 55 kg
2  Silver Urán, RigobertoRigoberto Urán 2012 London Cycling Men's road race
2  Silver Figueroa, ÓscarÓscar Figueroa 2012 London Weightlifting Men's 62 kg
3  Bronze Alvear, YuriYuri Alvear 2012 London Judo Women's 70 kg
2  Silver Ibargüen, CaterineCaterine Ibargüen 2012 London Athletics Women's triple jump
3  Bronze Oviedo, Óscar MuñozÓscar Muñoz Oviedo 2012 London Taekwondo Men's 58 kg
3  Bronze Rentería, JackelineJackeline Rentería 2012 London Wrestling Women's freestyle 55 kg
1  Gold Pajón, MarianaMariana Pajón 2012 London Cycling Women's BMX
3  Bronze Oquendo, CarlosCarlos Oquendo 2012 London Cycling Men's BMX

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