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New France

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Viceroyalty of New France
Vice-royauté de Nouvelle-France
French colony
Flag from 1663 Coat of arms
Capital Quebec
Language(s) French
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Monarchy
 - 1663–1715 King Louis XIV
 - 1715–1763 King Louis XV
Legislature Sovereign Council of New France
 - Royal Control 1663
 - Articles of Capitulation of Quebec 1759
 - Articles of Capitulation of Montreal 1760
 - Treaty of Paris (1763) February 10 (1763) 1763
Currency New France livre
Succeeded by
Province of Quebec (1763–1791)
Nova Scotia
Rupert's Land
Newfoundland (island)
Louisiana (New Spain)
Today part of  Canada
 United States
 France (Saint Pierre and Miquelon)

New France was a colony settled by France in North America. The regions in New France included Quebec, Acadia, and Louisiana. Quebec City was its capital. The French settled there after finding Quebec and in doing so created New France. The colony was most valuable for its fur trade. France lost the colony during the French and Indian War and it became part of British North America