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New Kingdom

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The maximum territorial extent of Egypt (XVth century BC)

The New Kingdom, also a continuation of the Egyptian Empire is the period in ancient Egyptian history between (1570–1070 BC). It was the period when Egypt was richer and more powerful than in all other periods of its history.

Egypt expanded far south into Nubia and held wide territories in the Near East. Egyptian armies fought Hittite armies for control of modern-day Syria and Egyptian territory reached its maximum extent.

Important Pharaohs

Colossal depictions of Rameses II at a temple dedicated to him at Abu Simbel.

The Eighteenth Dynasty contained some of Egypt's most famous Pharaohs including Akhenaten and Tutankhamun. Queen Hatshepsut concentrated on expanding Egypt's external trade and sent a commercial expedition to the land of Punt. Thutmose III ("the Napoleon of Egypt") expanded Egypt's army and created the largest empire Egypt had ever seen.

One of the best-known 18th Dynasty pharaohs is Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten in honor of the Aten and whose exclusive worship of the Aten is often interpreted as history's first instance of monotheism (and was argued in Sigmund Freud's Moses and Monotheism to have been the ultimate origin of Jewish monotheism).

Ramses II ("the Great") of the 19th Dynasty tried to get back territories in the Levant that had been held by the 18th Dynasty. In the Battle of Kadesh, where he led Egyptian armies against those of the Hittite king Muwatalli II. He was caught the first recorded military ambush, but could win the battle nevertheless.


<timeline> ImageSize = width:800 height:auto barincrement:12 PlotArea = top:10 bottom:30 right:130 left:20 AlignBars = justify

DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:-1560 till:-1050 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:100 start:-1560 ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:25 start:-1560

Colors =

 id:canvas      value:rgb(1,1,1)
 id:18     value:orange
 id:19     value:green
 id:20     value:blue
 id:eon    value:Black

Backgroundcolors = canvas:canvas

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 align:center textcolor:black fontsize:8 mark:(line,black) width:25 shift:(0,-5)
 bar:eon color:eon
 from: -1550   till:    -1292   color: 18   text:Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt
 from: -1292   till:    -1185   color: 19   text:Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt
 from: -1186   till:    -1072   color: 20   text:Twentieth dynasty of Egypt
 width:5 align:left fontsize:S shift:(5,-4) anchor:till
 from: -1550 till: -1525 color:18 text:"Ahmose I"
 from: -1525 till: -1504 color:18 text:"Amenhotep I"
 from: -1504 till: -1492 color:18 text:"Thutmose I"
 from: -1492 till: -1479 color:18 text:"Thutmose II"
 from: -1479 till: -1457 color:18 text:"Hatshepsut"
 from: -1479 till: -1425 color:18 text:"Thutmose III"
 from: -1425 till: -1399 color:18 text:"Amenhotep II"
 from: -1399 till: -1389 color:18 text:"Thutmose IV"
 from: -1389 till: -1351 color:18 text:"Amenhotep III"
 from: -1351 till: -1344 color:18 text:"Akhenaten"
 from: -1336 till: -1334 color:18 text:"Smenkhkare"
 from: -1334 till: -1325 color:18 text:"Tutankhamun"
 from: -1325 till: -1321 color:18 text:"Ay"
 from: -1321 till: -1292 color:18 text:"Horemheb"
 from: -1292 till: -1290 color:19 text:"Ramesses I (1292 BC1290 BC)"
 from: -1290 till: -1279 color:19 text:"Seti I (1290 BC1279 BC)"
 from: -1279 till: -1213 color:19 text:"Ramesses the Great (1279 BC1213 BC)"
 from: -1213 till: -1203 color:19 text:"Merneptah (1213 BC1203 BC)"
 from: -1203 till: -1199 color:19 text:"Amenmesse (1203 BC1199 BC)"
 from: -1199 till: -1193 color:19 text:"Seti II (1199 BC1193 BC)"
 from: -1193 till: -1187 color:19 text:"Siptah (1193 BC1187 BC)"
 from: -1187 till: -1185 color:19 text:"Twosret (1187 BC1185 BC)"
 from: -1186 till: -1183 color:20 text:"Setnakhte"
 from: -1183 till: -1152 color:20 text:"Ramesses III"
 from: -1152 till: -1146 color:20 text:"Ramesses IV"
 from: -1146 till: -1142 color:20 text:"Ramesses V"
 from: -1142 till: -1134 color:20 text:"Ramesses VI"
 from: -1134 till: -1129 color:20 text:"Ramesses VII"
 from: -1129 till: -1125 color:20 text:"Ramesses VIII"
 from: -1125 till: -1107 color:20 text:"Ramesses IX"
 from: -1107 till: -1103 color:20 text:"Ramesses X"
 from: -1103 till: -1072 color:20 text:"Ramesses XI"


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