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Shuchō (朱鳥?), also romanized as Suchō or Akamitori, was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō,?, lit. "year name") which lsated only a few months—from June through September 686.[1] The reigning monarchs were Temmu-tennō (天武天皇?)[2] and Jitō-tennō (持統天皇?).[3]


  • In 686, Shuchō gannen (朱鳥元年?) was created by Emperor Temmu, but the nengō survived for only a few months after Temmu's death. The era ended when Empress Jitō was confirmed as Temmu's successor.


Timelines of early Japanese nengō and Imperial reign dates

ImageSize = width:600 height:200 PlotArea = width:460 height:109 left:80 bottom:71 AlignBars = justify

Colors =

 id:nengo value:rgb(0.85,0.85,1) legend:Nengō
 id:reign value:rgb(0.95,0.95,0) legend:Reigns

 id:black value:black
 id:canvas value:gray(0.98)

BackgroundColors = canvas:canvas

Period = from:644 till:708 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:10 start:645 ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:1 start:645

BarData =

 bar:nengo text:
 bar:reign text:

PlotData =

 align:center textcolor:black fontsize:S mark:(line,black) width:25 shift:(0,-5)
 bar:nengo color:nengo
 from:645.8 till:650.2 text:"Taika" shift:(1,3)
 from:650.2 till:654.12 text:"Hakuchi" shift:(11,0)
 from:686.6 till:686.9 text:Shuchō
 from:701.3 till:704.5 text:"Taihō" shift:(4,3)
 from:704.5 till:708 text:"Keiun" shift:(9,0)
 bar:reign color:reign
 from:645 till:654 text:Kōtoku
 from:654 till:661 text:Saimei
 from:661 till:671 text:Tenji
 from:671 till:672 text:Kōbun
 from:672 till:686 text:Temmu
 from:686 till:697 text:Jitō
 from:697 till:707 text:Mommu

TextData =

 pos:(10,120) text:"Kōgyoku"
 pos:(542,120) text:"Gemmei"

Legend = orientation:horizontal position:bottom


The system of Japanese era names was not the same as Imperial reign dates.

Events of the Shuchō era

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