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This template is an infobox for television series.


{{Infobox television
| show_name            = 
| image                = 
| caption              = 
| show_name_2          = 
| genre                = 
| format               = 
| creator              = 
| developer            = 
| writer               = 
| director             = 
| creative_director    = 
| presenter            = 
| starring             = 
| judges               = 
| voices               = 
| narrated             = 
| theme_music_composer = 
| opentheme            = 
| endtheme             = 
| composer             = 
| country              = 
| language             = 
| num_seasons          = 
| num_episodes         = 
| list_episodes        = 
| executive_producer   = 
| producer             = 
| editor               = 
| location             = 
| cinematography       = 
| camera               = 
| runtime              = 
| company              = 
| distributor          = 
| channel              = 
| picture_format       = 
| audio_format         = 
| first_run            = 
| first_aired          = 
| last_aired           =
| status               =
| rating               =
| preceded_by          = 
| followed_by          = 
| related              = 
| website              = 
| website_title        = 
| production_website   = 
| sources              = 


The Simpsons
The Simpsons Logo.svg
FormatAnimated sitcom
Created byMatt Groening
Developed byJames L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Sam Simon
Voices ofDan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner
Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith
Hank Azaria
Harry Shearer
(Complete list)
Theme music composerDanny Elfman
Opening theme"The Simpsons Theme"
Composer(s)Alf Clausen
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons23
No. of episodes503 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Al Jean
Ian Maxtone-Graham
John Frink
James L. Brooks
Matt Groening
Matt Selman
Sam Simon
Running time21–24 minutes
Production company(s)Gracie Films
20th Century Fox Television
Distributor20th Television
Original channelFox
Picture formatSD: 4:3, 480i/576i (1989–2009)
HD: 16:9, 1080i (2009–present)
Audio formatStereo
Dolby Surround 2.0
5.1 Surround Sound
Original runDecember 17, 1989 (1989-12-17) – present
StatusReturning series
Age ratingTV-PG
Preceded byThe Simpsons shorts
Related showsThe Tracey Ullman Show
Other websites
Official website
{{Infobox television
| show_name            = The Simpsons
| image                = [[File:The Simpsons Logo.svg|200px]]
| caption              = 
| format               = [[Animated sitcom]]
| genre                = [[Comedy]]<br/>[[Satire]]
| runtime              = 21–24 minutes
| creator              = [[Matt Groening]]
| developer            = [[James L. Brooks]]<br/>Matt Groening<br/>[[Sam Simon]]
| voices               = [[Dan Castellaneta]]<br/>[[Julie Kavner]]<br/>[[Nancy Cartwright]]<br/>[[Yeardley Smith]]<br/>[[Hank Azaria]]<br/>[[Harry Shearer]]<br />([[List of cast members of The Simpsons|Complete list]])
| executive_producer   = [[Al Jean]]<br/>[[Ian Maxtone-Graham]]<br/>[[John Frink]]<br/>James L. Brooks<br/>Matt Groening<br/>[[Matt Selman]]<br/>Sam Simon
| theme_music_composer = [[Danny Elfman]]
| company              = [[Gracie Films]]<br/>[[20th Century Fox Television]]
| distributor          = [[20th Television]]
| opentheme            = "[[The Simpsons Theme]]"
| composer             = [[Alf Clausen]]
| country              = [[United States]]
| language             = [[English language|English]]
| picture_format       = [[Standard-definition television|SD]]: [[4:3]], [[480i]]/[[576i]] <small>(1989–2009)</small><br />[[High-definition television|HD]]: [[16:9]], [[1080i]] <small>(2009–present)</small>
| audio_format         = [[Stereophonic sound|Stereo]]<br /><small>(1989–91)</small><br />[[Dolby Surround]] 2.0 <br /><small>(1991–2009)</small><br />[[5.1 Surround Sound]]<br /><small>(2009–present)</small>
| channel              = [[Fox Broadcasting Company|Fox]]
| first_aired          = {{Start date|1989|12|17}}
| last_aired           = present
| status               = Returning series
| rating               = [[TV-PG]]<br />[[TV-14]]
| num_seasons          = 23
| num_episodes         = 503
| list_episodes        = List of The Simpsons episodes
| preceded_by          = ''[[The Simpsons shorts]]''
| followed_by          =
| related              = ''[[The Tracey Ullman Show]]''
| website              =
| website_title        = Official website


Parameters with * are required fields. Link people if they have articles.

Parameter Explanation
show_name* The name of the show.
image An image relevant to the show. Should be resized to a width of 300 pixels or below.
caption A caption explaining the image. An image with the title logo of the show does not need a caption.
show_name_2 Other names by which the show is known. Separate multiple names with line breaks (<br />).
genre The format of the show (examples listed at television program). Link if an article is available.
creator Who created the show. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br />).
developer Who developed the show.
writer Who wrote the show. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br />. Usually only used when only a limited number of people have written a show.
presenter Who presents the show. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br />).
starring Who stars in the show. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br />).
judges Who judges the show. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br />)..
voices Voice talent in the show. Separate multiple people with line breaks (<br />).
narrated The narrator for the show, if applicable.
theme_music_composer The name of the composer of the theme music.
opentheme The name of the opening theme for the show.
endtheme The name of the ending theme for the show.
composer The name of the composer for the score of the episodes
country The country of origin for the show. (See Category:Flag templates, e.g. {{USA}} for  United States.)
language The original language(s) of the show. Please link to a language article: [[English language|English]], not [[English]]
num_seasons num_series The number of seasons (non-UK) or series (UK) produced. Use one or the other, not both.
num_episodes The number of episodes currently produced.
list_episodes If a Wikipedia article exists for a list of the show's episode, put the "List of ... episodes" article name here. Do not use a link (no [[]]).
Options specific to the production
Parameter Explanation
producer Name of the producer of the show.
executive_producer The executive producer(s) of the show.
co_exec The co-executive producer(s) of the show.
consulting_producer The consulting producer(s) of the show.
location Production location: where the show was shot. Blank if same as country of origin.
cinematography Director of cinematography or lead cameraman
camera Either Single-camera or Multi-camera
runtime How long each episode runs; should not include commercials and should be approximated (i.e. 22–26 minutes approx. for most half-hour TV shows).
Options specific to the original broadcasts
Parameter Explanation
network The original network(s) or channel(s) on which the show appears. Do not add the foreign broadcasters here. Use a link if an article is available.
picture_format The video or film format in which the show was originally recorded or broadcast. Black-and-white, Film, 405-line, NTSC (480i), PAL (576i), SECAM (576i), HDTV 720p, HDTV 1080i. (Do not use "SDTV" as it is ambiguous.)
audio_format The format in which the show’s sound is broadcast. (Monaural sound, Stereophonic sound, Surround sound)
first_run The country in which the show is first broadcasted. Blank if same as country of origin.
first_aired The first day the show aired. Use full dates like: [[February 2]], [[1981]] because these are properly formatted according to a reader's time and date preferences.
last_aired The original airdate of the last episode. Use "present" if it is ongoing.
Options to add a Chronology
Parameter Explanation
preceded_by If the show was preceded by another show in some form of chronology, put the title and the years here, with the title in italics and linked if an article is available, e.g. ''[[Show Title]]'' (Year – Year).
followed_by If the show was followed by another show in some form of chronology, put its info here, as for preceded_by.
related Related TV shows. Such as remakes, spin-offs or when a show is adapted for a different audience. e.g. The Office (UK TV series) and The Office (US TV series) or The Upper Hand and Who's the Boss? etc.
External links
Parameter Explanation
website The show's official website (usually hosted by the network or production company). Only type in the URL. Formatting is automatic.
production_website A secondary official website (usually hosted by the network or production company). Only type in the URL. Formatting is automatic.
imdb_id The relevant IMDb number. Only type in the number. Formatting is automatic.
tv_com_id The relevant number. Only type in the number. Formatting is automatic.
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