United Arab Emirates

Coordinates: 24°N 54°E / 24°N 54°E / 24; 54

The United Arab Emirates (or UAE) is a country in Western Asia. It borders Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The capital is Abu Dhabi, and the largest city is Dubai. The Burj Khalifa, Earth's tallest artificial structure,[8] is in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates
الإمارات العربية المتحدة  (Arabic)
<span title="Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Language/data/ISO 639 override' not found. transliteration" class="Unicode" style="white-space:normal; text-decoration: none">al-ʾImārāt al-ʿArabīyah al-Muttaḥidah
Flag of UAE
Location of  United Arab Emirates  (green)
Location of  United Arab Emirates  (green)
CapitalAbu Dhabi
24°28′N 54°22′E / 24.467°N 54.367°E / 24.467; 54.367
GovernmentFederal elective constitutional monarchy[1][2][3]
• Total
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• Water (%)
• 2020 estimate
• Density
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GDP (PPP)2020 estimate
• Total
US$647.650 billion[5] (34th)
• Per capita
US$70,441[5] (7th)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
US$410.214 billion[5] (33th)
• Per capita
US$41,476[5] (19th)
Gini (2014)32.5[6]
HDI (2019)Increase 0.890[7]
very high · 31st
ISO 3166 codeAE
Internet TLD.ae


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