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Uranos, Uranus, or Ouranos is a Greek god of the sky and heavens. In Roman mythology his equivalent was Caelus, the husband of Terra or Tellus, Earth. A planet Uranus is named after this god. The radioactive chemical element, uranium, is also named after him.

There are many different stories that tell about the genealogy of Uranus. In some, he had no parents and was created from Chaos itself. In others, his mother was either the goddess Nyx (Night), Hemera (Daylight), or Mother Earth Gaia. His father is often said the have been Aether (Heavenly Light). The children of Uranus and Gaia are Titans, Cyclopes and Hecatonchires. Kronos, the youngest Titan, castrated his father with a sickle. Others of Uranus's children are giants, Gigantes, Erinyes and Meliae.