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Coat of Arms of Zürich
Country Switzerland
Canton Zürich
District Zürich
Population   (as of {{{populationof}}})
Area 91.88 km2 (35.48 sq mi)
Elevation408 m (1,339 ft)
Postal code 8000–8099
SFOS number0261
MayorCorine Mauch (as of November 2020) SPS
DemonymGerman: Zürcher(in)
Surrounded by
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Adliswil, Dübendorf, Fällanden, Kilchberg, Maur, Oberengstringen, Opfikon, Regensdorf, Rümlang, Schlieren, Stallikon, Uitikon, Urdorf, Wallisellen, Zollikon
Twin townsKunming, San Francisco, Srinagar

Zürich or Zurich (German: Zürich [ˈt͡syːrɪç]; Swiss German: Züri [ˈt͡syɾi]) is a city in Switzerland. Zürich is the capital city of the Canton of Zürich. About 415,000 people live in the city and over 1.5 million live in the metropolitan area. This makes Zürich the biggest city in Switzerland.


Zürich is located in the north of Switzerland. It is at the northern end of Lake Zürich and is surrounded by hills. The rivers Limmat and Sihl flow through the city. The city is divided into twelve districts (known as Kreis in German), numbered 1 to 12.


The city was first built by the Romans.[1] The Canton joined Switzerland in 1351.


In the city of Zürich, most of the people work in the commerce part of the economy. Zürich is one of the largest financial centres in the world. Many famous banks and insurance companies are located here, for example UBS, Credit Suisse, Swiss Life and Swiss Re.

The airport of Zürich is located about 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) to the north, in a town called Kloten. Zürich Airport ("Flughafen Zürich", IATA:ZRH) is the biggest airport in Switzerland. Zürich Main Station is the busiest train station in Switzerland with many national and international connections.

The headquarters of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is also in Zürich.


Zurich has two universities. ETH Zürich is ranked among the top universities in the world.[2][3] Over 20 Nobel Prize winners have studied or worked there, for example Albert Einstein.[4] The other university is the University of Zürich. It is the largest university in Switzerland.



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