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Henry I of England

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Henry I "Beauclerc"
King of the English

Miniature from illuminated Chronicle of Matthew Paris
King of the English
Reign 3 August 1100 – 1 December 1135
Coronation 5 August 1100
Predecessor William II "Rufus"
Successor Stephen "of Blois" (de facto)
Matilda of England (de jure)
Duke of the Normans
Reign 1106 – 1 December 1135
Predecessor Robert II "Curthose"
Successor Stephen "of Blois"
Spouse Matilda of Scotland (1100–1118)
Adeliza of Louvain (1121–)
Empress Matilda
William Adelin
House Norman dynasty
Father William I "the Conqueror"
Mother Matilda of Flanders
Born c. 1068/1069
Selby, Yorkshire
Died 1 December 1135 (aged 66-67)
Saint-Denis-en-Lyons, Normandy
Burial Reading Abbey, Berkshire

Henry I of England (c. 1068 C.E. - 1 December 1135 C.E.) was the King of England from, 1100 until his death in 1135. Henry was born in Selby, Yorkshire. He was the third son of William the Conqueror and Queen Matilda of Flanders.

He became King when his brother, William II, died in a hunting accident. As King, Henry tried to make social reforms. He issued the Charter of Liberties which is considered a predecessor of the Magna Carta. He put back in place some of the laws of Edward the Confessor.

Henry and his wife had two children, Matilda and William Adelin. He also fathered more illegitimate children than any other English King. Guesses place the number between 20 and 25.

Henry died in 1135 while visiting his daughter and grandchildren in Normandy. After his death, his daughter Mathilda and his nephew, Stephen, argued over who would become the ruler of England, and started a civil war.

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