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Paul Erdős

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Paul Erdős

Born March 26, 1913
Budapest, Hungary
Died September 20, 1996
Warsaw, Poland
Residence Hungary
United Kingdom
United States
Israel, then itinerant
Nationality Flag of Hungary.svg Hungarian
Fields Mathematics
Institutions Princeton
Notre Dame
Then itinerant
Alma mater University of Pázmány Péter
Doctoral advisor Leopold Fejér
Doctoral students Bonifac Donat
Joseph Kruskal
Alexander Soifer
Known for Combinatorics
Graph theory
Number theory
Notable awards Wolf Prize (1983/84)
AMS Cole Prize (1951)
Note that he has an Erdős number of zero.

Paul Erdős, also Pál Erdős, in English Paul Erdos or Paul Erdös (March 26, 1913September 20, 1996), was a famous Hungarian-born mathematician. He worked with hundreds of mathematicians on problems in combinatorics, graph theory, number theory, classical analysis, approximation theory, set theory, and probability theory.

Erdős number

Because he wrote so many articles, friends created Erdős number. Erdős has a number of 0 (for being himself), and his direct collaborators were given the number 1. Their collaborators were given a number of 2, an so on.

The Erdős number was most likely first defined by Casper Goffman, a mathematician whose Erdős number is 1.

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