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Pope Urban IV

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Urban IV
Papacy began August 29, 1261
Papacy ended October 2, 1264
Predecessor Pope Alexander IV
Successor Pope Clement IV
Personal details
Birth name Jacques Pantaléon
Born 1195
Died October 2, 1264

Other Popes named Urban

Pope Urban IV (Latin: Urbanus Quartus; c. 1195 – October 2, 1264), born Jacques Pantaléon, was an French cleric of the Roman Catholic Church. He was the 183rd Pope from from 1261 to 1264.[1]

Early life

Pantaléon was the son of a cobbler of Troyes in France.[2] He studied theology and common law in Paris. He served the church as a canon, as a deacon and as an archdeacon.


Pope Innocent IV made Pantaléon the Bishop of Verdun in 1253.[2]

In 1255, Pope Alexander IV made him Patriarch of Jerusalem.[2]


He was not a cardinal. There were several Popes who were not Cardinals. Some of these were Pope Urban V and Pope Urban VI.


Patriarch Pantaléon was on August 29, 1261. He chose to be called Urban IV.[2]

As pope, he was deeply involved in the conflict between Guelphs and Ghibelines in Italy.[3]

After his death

He was buried in the cathedral at Perugia.[2]

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Preceded by
Alexander IV
Succeeded by
Clement IV