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Swedish Empire

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Swedish Empire
Kingdom of Sweden
Det svenska stormaktsväldet
Konungariket Sverige



The Swedish Empire at its height in 1658. Overseas possessions are not shown.
Capital Stockholm
Language(s) Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Estonian, Sami, German, Livonian, Latvian, Danish
Religion Lutheranism
(Eastern orthodox faith recognized as minority religion)
Government Monarchy
 - 1611–1632 Gustav II Adolf the Great
 - 1632–1654 Christina
 - 1654–1660 Charles X Gustav
 - 1660–1697 Charles XI
 - 1697–1718 Charles XII
Lord High Chancellor
 - 1612–1654 Axel Oxenstierna
 - 1654–1656 Erik Oxenstierna
 - 1660–1686 Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie
Legislature Riksdag of the Estates
Historical era Early modern Europe
 - Established 1611
 - Disestablished 1718
 - 17th century est. 2,500,000 
Currency Riksdaler, Mark (until 1664), Carolin (from 1664)
Today part of  Sweden
 United States
 Trinidad and Tobago
 Saint Barthélemy  Guadeloupe

Swedish Empire was, between 1611 and 1718, one of the great powers of Europe. In modern historiography this period is known as the Swedish Empire, or stormaktstiden ("the era of great power").