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White House Press Secretary

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Press Secretary of the White House
White House Press Briefing (49842842011) (cropped) (1).jpg
Kayleigh McEnany

since April 7, 2020
Office of the Press Secretary
Inaugural holderGeorge Edward Akerson

The White House Press Secretary is a job at the White House. Press secretaries act as the primary spokesperson for the United States Government and the President, senior executives, and policies. Kayleigh McEnany is the current White House Press Secretary.

List of Press Secretaries

Year(s) Press Secretary President
1929–1931 George Edward Akerson Herbert Hoover
1931–1933 Theodore Goldsmith Joslin
1933–1945 Stephen Early Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1945 Jonathan W. Daniels Harry S. Truman
1945–1950 Charlie Ross
1950 Stephen Early
1950–1952 Joseph Short
1952–1953 Roger Tubby
1953–1961 James Hagerty Dwight D. Eisenhower
1961–1964 Pierre Salinger John F. Kennedy
Lyndon B. Johnson
1964–1965 George Reedy
1965–1966 Bill Moyers
1966–1969 George Christian
1969–1974 Ron Ziegler Richard Nixon
1974 Jerald terHorst Gerald Ford
1974–1977 Ron Nessen
1977–1981 Jody Powell Jimmy Carter
1981–1989 James Brady1 Ronald Reagan
1981–1987 Larry Speakes2
1987–1989 Marlin Fitzwater2
1989–1993 Marlin Fitzwater George H.W. Bush
1993–1994 Dee Dee Myers3 Bill Clinton
1993 George Stephanopoulos4
1994–1998 Mike McCurry
1998–2000 Joe Lockhart
2000–2001 Jake Siewert
2001–2003 Ari Fleischer George W. Bush
2003–2006 Scott McClellan
2006–2007 Tony Snow
2007–2009 Dana Perino
2009–2011 Robert Gibbs Barack Obama
2011–2014 Jay Carney
2014–2017 Josh Earnest
2017 Sean Spicer Donald Trump
2017–2019 Sarah Huckabee Sanders
2019–2020 Stephanie Grisham
since 2020 Kayleigh McEnany
Designate Jen Psaki Joe Biden (elect)

1 Did not brief the press after being wounded in the Reagan assassination attempt.
2 De facto Press Secretary (as White House Deputy Press Secretary).
3 Did not brief the press while Stephanopoulos was Communications Director. First female Press Secretary.
4 De facto Press Secretary (as White House Communications Director).

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