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Yuan Dynasty

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Great Yuan
Dai Ön Ulus




Capital Dadu (modern Beijing)
Language(s) Mongolian
Religion Buddhism (Chinese & Tibetan), Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion
Government Monarchy
 - 1260–1294 Kublai Khan
 - 1333–1370 (Cont.) Ukhaatu Khan
Historical era Middle Ages
 - Establishment December 18, 1271
 - Conquest of southern Song March 19, 1276
 - Fall of Dadu September 14, 1368
 - 1310 est. 14,000,000 km2 (5,405,430 sq mi)
 - 1293 est. est. 62,818,128a[›] 
Currency Predominantly Paper Currency (Chao), with a small amount of Chinese cash in use

The Yuan Dynasty was a Mongol dynasty that ruled Mongolia and China from 1271 to 1368. Before this dynasty, China was ruled by the Song Dynasty. After the Yuan Dyansty, the Ming Dynasty ruled China. Genghis Khan and his army of Mongols conquered many parts of China. His grandson Kublai Khan added more parts of China to his kingdom. He founded the Yuan dynasty in 1271.

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