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Allah spelt in Arabic letters

The word Allah (Arabic: الله) is the Arabic term for God. It usually refers to the Islamic God, but in the Middle East, other religions sometimes use the same term for their God. In Islam, Allah is the main word for God. Muslims use 99 Names of God to describe God, but Allah is the most common of these and means all of them. When a Muslim says Allah, all of the other names of God are thought of as part of it. Muslims also believe that this word tells about God's being a single entity and as being without wrong or defect and of God having no partner.

In Arabic, the name is composed of four letters, ا ل ل ه (or Alif Lam Lam Ha) which when brought together make الله. Most Arab Christians believe that Allah is made up of three divine beings; the Father, Son and Spirit, that together they make up God.

"Allah" is often used by Muslims, when they are praying. Muslims have a faith in one God, the one who made everything, the one judge and only the one who has power over all things.

Allah is the one who created the heavens and the Earth by just saying 'Kun' which means 'Be'.