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Tourists in Belgium

Tourism means people traveling for fun and adventure . It includes activities such as sightseeing and camping. People who travel for fun are called "tourists". Places where many tourists stay are sometimes called "resorts". Places that people go to for tourism are called tourist destinations.

There are many reasons why people travel for fun:

The tourism industry

The tourism industry has different parts. Some of these are:

Package tour operators can offer all these services to a group who will go together. This can be cheaper than paying for them separately.

Damage tourism can bring

Tourism can bring damage to the local area, and/or the tourists. Litter, scuba-diving and deforestation are problems for popular places such as St. Lucia, Hawaii and others. Scuba-diving can damage coral reefs which are home to hundreds of species of sea animals. Tourism can change culture when people learn each other's ways, and certain local traditions are being put aside for tourists.

Tourism Media

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