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Group (periodic table)

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A group in the Periodic Table is any column of elements with common properties denoted by the electrons in the outermost layer. There are eight groups of elements in total:

  • Group 1: the alkali metals are the most reactive elements , when mixed with water they form acids. Elements include : Hydrogen (H) and Lithium (Li)
  • Group 2: the alkaline earth metals
  • Group 3: the boron family
  • Group 4: the carbon family
  • Group 5: the nitrogen family (pnictogens)
  • Group 6: the oxygen family (chalcogens)
  • Group 7: the halogens or fluorine family. These still are not very reactive but do react
  • Group 8: the noble gases or helium family/neon family. They are known as noble gasses as they do not react to most circumstances. Elements include :Helium (He) and Argon (Ar)