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Gujarati language

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ગુજરાતી Gujarātī
Pronunciation /ɡudʒ(ə)ˈɾat̪i/
Native to India
Region Gujarat
Ethnicity Gujaratis
Native speakers 49 million  (2007)[1]
Language family
Writing system Gujarati alphabet (Brahmic)
Gujarati Braille
Arabic script
Devanagari (historical)
Official status
Official language in Gujarat (India)[3]
Daman and Diu (India)
Dadra and Nagar Haveli (India)
Language codes
ISO 639-1 gu
ISO 639-2 guj
ISO 639-3 guj
Distribution of native Gujarati speakers in India

Gujarati is a language. It is spoken in Gujarat, India and also in neighbouring Pakistan. It was the "Mother Tongue" of Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah. There are millions of Gujaratis who speak it as their first language. Gujarati is the 20th most common language in the United States of America. Mahatma Gandhi, India's leader, once said about the Gujarati language, "Bad handwriting is a sign of an uncomplete education.


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