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Sindhi language

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Native toPakistan, India. Also Hong Kong, Oman, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, UK, USA
RegionSouth Asia
Native speakers54.3 million  (date missing)
Language family
Writing systemArabic, Devanagari
Official status
Official language inPakistan Pakistan Sindh, Pakistan
India India Rajasthan, India
Regulated bySindhi Language Authority (Pakistan)
Language codes
ISO 639-1sd
ISO 639-2snd
ISO 639-3snd

Sindhi (Arabic script: سنڌي, Devanagari script: सिन्धी, Sindhī) is the language of the Sindh region of South Asia, which is a province of Pakistan. It is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by about 41 million people in Pakistan and 12 million in the Republic of India.

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