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General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon

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An F-16 taking off

The F-16 Fighting Falcon (also called the Viper) is an American light fighter. It is made to do many things, including destroying things on the ground and in the air. It can carry air missiles, ground missiles, and bombs. It first flew in 1974, and was introduced in service in 1978. It is still in the American air force and many other airforces, and has been upgraded many times since it was first used.

The Fighting Falcon was built as a fighter aircraft that would fight other aircraft in the air. It could turn very quickly, so it could get behind the enemy aircraft and shoot it down with missiles and guns. Over time, the aircraft proved so good that it was also made to carry bombs that it could drop to destroy things on the ground. Today, the most advanced Fighting Falcons have a lot of lumps and bumps in which all the upgraded and added electronics are housed. What started as a cheap light-weight fighter aircraft is today a true multi-role aircraft.

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