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[[Lieutenant governor of {{{Name}}}|Lieutenant governor]] Russell Mirasty
[[Premier of {{{Name}}}|Premier]] Scott Moe (Saskatchewan Party)
Legislature Legislature of Saskatchewan
Federal representation (in Canadian Parliament)
House seats 14 of 308 (4.5%)
Senate seats [[List of {{{Name}}} senators|6 of 105]] (5.7%)
Confederation September 1, 1905 (split from NWT) (8th/9th, simultaneously with Alberta)
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GDP  Ranked 5th
Total (2015) CA$79.415 billion[1]
Per capita CA$70,138 (4th)
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Saskatchewan (Listeni/səˈskæəwənsæ--wɒn/; Canadian French: [saskatʃəwan] SAS-cat-CHEW-on) is a province in Canada. About 1 million people live in Saskatchewan. Most of its population lives in the southern part of the province. The primary industry in Saskatchewan is agriculture (farming).

Saskatchewan is known for its wide horizons. The land is very flat in the south, so you can sometimes see far away. Not all the land is flat prairie. There are beautiful scenic woodlands and forests in the central and northern regions and parklands with lakes for fishing. The province is marked by and named after the North and South Saskatchewan rivers that run through it. The province is nicknamed The Land of Living Skies.


Saskatchewan was founded on September 1, 1905, the same date that Alberta was founded. The province's colors are gold, red, green, white, brown, yellow, and black. Gold for the wheat, red for the Prairie Lily which is the provincial flower, green for the forests, white for the snow, brown for the fresh cut fields, yellow for the canola and sunflowers, and black for the coal and oil.


The largest city in Saskatchewan is Saskatoon, followed by the province's capital, Regina. Saskatchewan is (approximately) a quadrilateral (four-sided object) bounded on the west by Alberta, on the north by the Northwest Territories, on the east by Manitoba, and on the south by the American states of Montana and North Dakota.