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General location of Yugoslavia. The precise borders varied over the years

Yugoslavia was a country in Europe, mostly in Balkan Peninsula, its meaning South Slavs deriving from Slavs who came from area what is now Poland in 7th century. It existed in three forms during 1918–2003.[1] From 1918 until 1928 it was called the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. From 1928 until World War II it was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After the WW 2 it was renamed to the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with six republics, 2 autonomous provinces: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia and two autonomous provinces in Serbia: Vojvodina in the north, and Kosovo, next to Albania. North Kosovo always had majority Serbian, Christian population. It remains to this day under full Serbian/Belgrade defacto control. In 1991, came the independence of Slovenia, Croatia, in 1992, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, causing the end of the country. Serbia and Montenegro, were the last two republics in the Socialist Yugoslavia. In 1992, they formed a new Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). On 3 February 2003, the FRY became the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. In mid 2006, the state union ended when Montenegro decided to be independent, 55% of voters voted yes.

Now, Yugoslavia has been split up and made into these countries:


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