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American Hockey League

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American Hockey League
Current season or competition:
2019–20 AHL season
SportIce hockey
Founded1936 (IHL/C-AHL Interlocking schedules); 1938 (IHL/C-AHL formally merged)
No. of teams31
Most recent champion(s)Toronto Marlies (1st title)
Most championshipsHershey Bears (11)[1]
TV partner(s)Canada (English): Sportsnet/Sportsnet One
Canada (French): TVA Sports
Europe: Premier Sports
United States (English): NHL Network
United States (Spanish): ESPN Deportes

The American Hockey League or AHL, is a professional ice hockey league based in the United States and Canada. It is considered the farm league of the National Hockey League. The major championship in the AHL that the two winning teams of their conferences play for is the Calder Cup. The oldest current team in the AHL is the Hershey Bears which began play in 1938.


American Hockey League 2018–19
Locations of teams in the AHL as of the 2018–19 season. Dot colors correspond to the divisional alignment.
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 1.19 1.20 1.21 1.22 1.23 Franchise has moved in the past; see AHL membership timeline below or the team's main article for further information.


<timeline> DateFormat = mm/dd/yyyy ImageSize = width:1000 height:auto barincrement:20 Period = from:01/01/1936 till:07/01/2020 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal PlotArea = right:40 left:0 bottom:50 top:5

Colors =

        id:barcolor value:rgb(1,0.6,0.5)
        id:line     value:black
        id:bg       value:white


 width:15 textcolor:black shift:(5,-5) anchor:from fontsize:s
 bar:1  color:barcolor from:08/01/1936 till:12/06/1936           text:Buffalo Bisons (1936)
 bar:2  color:barcolor from:08/01/1936 till:05/01/1973           text:Cleveland Falcons/Barons (1936–73)
 bar:2  color:barcolor from:08/01/1973 till:05/01/1974 shift:-80 text:Jacksonville (73–74)
 bar:2  color:barcolor from:08/01/1974 till:05/01/1975           text:Syracuse Eagles (1974–75)
 bar:3  color:barcolor from:08/01/1936 till:05/01/1943           text:New Haven Eagles/Ramblers (1936–43, 1945–51)
 bar:3  color:barcolor from:08/01/1945 till:05/01/1951 
 bar:4  color:barcolor from:08/01/1936 till:05/01/1942           text:Philadelphia Ramblers/Rockets (1936–42)
 bar:5  color:barcolor from:08/01/1936 till:05/01/1956           text:Pittsburgh Hornets (1936–56, 1961–67)
 bar:5  color:barcolor from:08/01/1961 till:05/01/1967 
 bar:6  color:barcolor from:08/01/1936 till:05/01/1977           text:Providence/Rhode Island Reds (1936–77)
 bar:6  color:barcolor from:08/01/1977 till:05/01/1997           text:Binghamton Dusters/Whalers/Rangers (1977–97)
 bar:6  color:red      from:08/01/1997 till:end                  text:Hartford Wolf Pack/Connecticut Whale (1997–)
 bar:7  color:barcolor from:08/01/1936 till:05/01/1942           text:Springfield Indians (36–42, 46–51)
 bar:7  color:barcolor from:08/01/1946 till:05/01/1951 
 bar:7  color:barcolor from:08/01/1951 till:05/01/1954 shift:-10 text:Syracuse(51–54)
 bar:7  color:barcolor from:08/01/1954 till:05/01/1994 shift:40  text:Springfield Indians/Kings (1954–94)
 bar:7  color:barcolor from:08/01/1994 till:05/01/2005           text:Worcester IceCats(94-05)
 bar:7  color:barcolor from:08/01/2005 till:05/01/2013           text:Peoria(05-13)
 bar:7  color:red      from:08/01/2013 till:end                  text:Utica Comets (2013–)
 bar:8  color:barcolor from:08/01/1936 till:05/01/1940           text:Syracuse (36–40)
 bar:8  color:barcolor from:08/01/1940 till:05/01/1970 shift:40  text:Buffalo Bisons (1940–70)
 bar:9  color:red      from:08/01/1938 till:end                  text:Hershey Bears (1938–)
 bar:10 color:barcolor from:08/01/1939 till:05/01/1952           text:Indianapolis Capitals (1939–52)
 bar:11 color:barcolor from:08/01/1941 till:05/01/1943 shift:-30 text:Wash. Lions (41–43, 47–49)
 bar:11 color:barcolor from:08/01/1947 till:05/01/1949 
 bar:11 color:barcolor from:08/01/1949 till:05/01/1952 shift:10  text:Cincinnati Mohawks (1949–52)
 bar:12 color:barcolor from:08/01/1944 till:05/01/1953           text:St. Louis Flyers (1944–53)
 bar:13 color:barcolor from:08/01/1946 till:05/01/1949           text:Philadelphia Rockets (1946–49)
 bar:14 color:red      from:08/01/1956 till:end                  text:Rochester Americans (1956–)
 bar:15 color:barcolor from:08/01/1959 till:05/01/1971           text:Quebec Aces (1959–71)
 bar:15 color:barcolor from:08/01/1971 till:05/01/1976           text:Richmond Robins (1971–76)
 bar:16 color:barcolor from:08/01/1962 till:05/01/1976           text:Baltimore Clippers (1962–76)
 bar:17 color:barcolor from:08/01/1969 till:05/01/1971 shift:-35 text:Montreal(69–71)
 bar:17 color:barcolor from:08/01/1971 till:05/01/1984 shift:20  text:Nova Scotia(71–84)
 bar:17 color:barcolor from:08/01/1984 till:05/01/1990 shift:-12 text:Sherbrooke(84–90)
 bar:17 color:barcolor from:08/01/1990 till:05/01/1999           text:Fredericton(90–99)
 bar:17 color:barcolor from:08/01/1999 till:05/01/2002 shift:-12 text:Que.(99-02)
 bar:17 color:barcolor from:08/01/2002 till:05/01/2015 shift:10  text:Hamilton (2002–15)
 bar:17 color:barcolor from:08/01/2015 till:05/01/2017 shift:-20 text:St. John's
 bar:17 color:red      from:08/01/2017 till:end                  text:Laval (2017–)
 bar:18 color:barcolor from:08/01/1971 till:05/01/1974           text:Boston Braves (1971–74)
 bar:18 color:barcolor from:08/01/1987 till:05/01/1994           text:Moncton Hawks (1987–94)
 bar:19 color:barcolor from:08/01/1971 till:05/01/1974           text:Cincinnati Swords (1971–74)
 bar:20 color:barcolor from:08/01/1971 till:05/01/1975 shift:-55 text:Tidewater/Virginia Wings(71–75)
 bar:20 color:barcolor from:08/01/1979 till:05/01/1999           text:Adirondack Red Wings (1979–99)   
 bar:20 color:red      from:08/01/2002 till:end                  text:San Antonio Rampage (2002–)
 bar:21 color:barcolor from:08/01/1972 till:05/01/1993           text:New Haven Nighthawks/Senators (1972–93)
 bar:21 color:barcolor from:08/01/1993 till:05/01/1996           text:PEI Senators(93–96)
 bar:21 color:barcolor from:08/01/2002 till:05/01/2017 shift:10  text:Binghamton (2002–17)
 bar:21 color:red      from:08/01/2017 till:end        shift:-30 text:Belleville Senators (2017–) 
 bar:23 color:barcolor from:08/01/1977 till:02/10/1978           text:Hampton Gulls (1977–78)
 bar:24 color:barcolor from:08/01/1977 till:05/01/1987 shift:-35 text:Maine Mariners (1977–87)
 bar:24 color:barcolor from:08/01/1987 till:05/01/1993 shift:-25 text:Utica Devils(87–93)
 bar:24 color:barcolor from:08/01/1993 till:05/01/2003           text:Saint John (1993–03)
 bar:24 color:barcolor from:08/01/2005 till:05/01/2007 shift:-5  text:OMA
 bar:24 color:barcolor from:08/01/2007 till:05/01/2009 shift:0   text:Q.C.
 bar:24 color:barcolor from:08/01/2009 till:05/01/2014 shift:0   text:ABB
 bar:24 color:barcolor from:08/01/2014 till:05/01/2015 shift:-10 text:ADK
 bar:24 color:red      from:08/01/2015 till:end        shift:0   text:Stockton(2015–)
 bar:25 color:barcolor from:08/01/1977 till:05/01/1979 shift:-65 text:Philadelphia(77–79)
 bar:25 color:barcolor from:08/01/1979 till:05/01/1980           text:Syracuse Firebirds (1979–80)
 bar:26 color:barcolor from:08/01/1978 till:05/01/1982 shift:-155 text:New Brunswick Hawks (78–82)
 bar:26 color:barcolor from:08/01/1982 till:05/01/1986 shift:-61 text:St. Catharines (82–86)
 bar:26 color:barcolor from:08/01/1986 till:05/01/1991 shift:-5  text:Newmarket (86–91)
 bar:26 color:barcolor from:08/01/1991 till:05/01/2005 shift:25  text:St. John's Maple Leafs (1991–2005)
 bar:26 color:red      from:08/01/2005 till:end        shift:30  text:Toronto Marlies (2005–)
 bar:27 color:barcolor from:08/01/1981 till:05/01/1982 shift:-65 text:Erie Blades (81–82)
 bar:27 color:barcolor from:08/01/1982 till:05/01/1993 shift:15  text:Baltimore Skipjacks (82–93)
 bar:27 color:barcolor from:08/01/1993 till:05/01/2016 shift:15  text:Portland Pirates (1993–2016)
 bar:27 color:red      from:08/01/2016 till:end        shift:-60 text:Springfield Thunderbirds (2016–)
 bar:28 color:barcolor from:08/01/1981 till:05/01/1988 shift:-55 text:Fredericton Express (81–88)
 bar:28 color:barcolor from:08/01/1988 till:05/01/1993 shift:-5  text:Halifax (88–93)
 bar:28 color:barcolor from:08/01/1993 till:05/01/1996           text:Cornwall (93–96)
 bar:28 color:red      from:08/01/1999 till:end        shift:10  text:Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (1999–)
 bar:29 color:barcolor from:08/01/1982 till:05/01/1984           text:Sherbrooke Jets (1982–84)
 bar:30 color:barcolor from:08/01/1982 till:05/01/1987           text:Moncton Alpines/Golden Flames (1982–87)
 bar:31 color:barcolor from:08/01/1984 till:05/01/1988 shift:-48 text:Nova Scotia (84–88)
 bar:31 color:barcolor from:08/01/1988 till:05/01/1996 shift:-5  text:Cape Breton (88–96)
 bar:31 color:barcolor from:08/01/1996 till:05/01/2003           text:Ham. (96–03)
 bar:31 color:barcolor from:08/01/2003 till:05/01/2004 shift:-3  text:Tor.
 bar:31 color:barcolor from:08/01/2004 till:05/01/2005           text:Edm.
 bar:31 color:barcolor from:08/01/2010 till:05/01/2015 shift:-15 text:OKC (2010–15)
 bar:31 color:red      from:08/01/2015 till:end                  text:Bakersfield(2015–)
 bar:32 color:barcolor from:08/01/1987 till:05/01/1992 shift:-45 text:Maine Mariners (1987–92)
 bar:32 color:red      from:08/01/1992 till:end        shift:20  text:Providence Bruins (1992–)
 bar:33 color:barcolor from:08/01/1990 till:05/01/1993 shift:-65 text:C.D. Islanders(90–93)
 bar:33 color:barcolor from:08/01/1993 till:05/01/2010           text:Albany River Rats(93–10)
 bar:33 color:red      from:08/01/2010 till:end        shift:-20 text:Charlotte Checkers (2010–)
 bar:34 color:barcolor from:08/01/1992 till:05/01/1994 shift:-65 text:Hamilton Canucks(92–94)
 bar:34 color:red      from:08/01/1994 till:end        shift:35  text:Syracuse Crunch (1994–)
 bar:35 color:barcolor from:08/01/1994 till:05/01/2016           text:Springfield Falcons (1994–2016)
 bar:35 color:red      from:08/01/2016 till:end        shift:-50 text:Tucson Roadrunners (2016–)
 bar:36 color:barcolor from:08/01/1995 till:05/01/1997 shift:-60 text:Baltimore (95–97)
 bar:36 color:barcolor from:08/01/1997 till:05/01/2005           text:Cincinnati (97-05)
 bar:36 color:red      from:08/01/2007 till:end                  text:Rockford IceHogs (2007–)
 bar:37 color:barcolor from:08/01/1995 till:05/01/1997 shift:-55 text:Carolina(1995–97)
 bar:37 color:barcolor from:08/01/1997 till:05/01/1999           text:Beast of New Haven (1997–99)
 bar:38 color:barcolor from:08/01/1996 till:05/01/2009           text:Philadelphia(96–09)
 bar:38 color:barcolor from:08/01/2009 till:05/01/2014 shift:-45 text:Adirondack(09–14)
 bar:38 color:red      from:08/01/2014 till:end        shift:-10 text:Lehigh Valley Phantoms (2014–)
 bar:39 color:barcolor from:08/01/1996 till:05/01/2001 shift:-40 text:Kentucky(96–01)
 bar:39 color:barcolor from:08/01/2001 till:05/01/2006 shift:-20 text:Cleveland(01–06)
 bar:39 color:barcolor from:08/01/2006 till:05/01/2015 shift:5   text:Worcester(2006–15)
 bar:39 color:red      from:08/01/2015 till:end        shift:0   text:San Jose(2015–)  
 bar:40 color:barcolor from:08/01/1998 till:05/01/2010           text:Lowell (1998–2010)
 bar:40 color:barcolor from:08/01/2010 till:05/01/2017 shift:-30 text:Albany (2010–17)
 bar:40 color:red      from:08/01/2017 till:end        shift:-10 text:Binghamton Devils (2017–) 
 bar:41 color:barcolor from:08/01/1999 till:05/01/2001 shift:-60 text:Louisville Panthers(99-01)
 bar:41 color:barcolor from:08/01/2005 till:05/01/2009 shift:-10 text:Iowa(05-09)
 bar:41 color:red      from:08/01/2009 till:end        shift:0   text:Texas Stars (2009–)
 bar:42 color:barcolor from:08/01/2000 till:05/01/2015           text:Norfolk Admirals (2000–15)
 bar:42 color:red      from:08/01/2015 till:end        shift:-5  text:San Diego Gulls(2015–)
 bar:43 color:red      from:08/01/2001 till:end                  text:Bridgeport Sound Tigers (2001–)
 bar:44 color:red      from:08/01/2001 till:end                  text:Chicago Wolves (2001–)
 bar:45 color:red      from:08/01/2001 till:end                  text:Grand Rapids Griffins (2001–)	
 bar:46 color:barcolor from:08/01/2001 till:05/01/2013           text:Houston Aeros (2001–13)
 bar:46 color:red      from:08/01/2013 till:end        shift:0   text:Iowa Wild (2013–)
 bar:47 color:barcolor from:08/01/2001 till:05/01/2015           text:Manchester Monarchs (2001–15)
 bar:47 color:red      from:08/01/2015 till:end        shift:-5  text:Ontario Reign(2015–)
 bar:48 color:red      from:08/01/2001 till:end                  text:Milwaukee Admirals (2001–)
 bar:49 color:barcolor from:08/01/2001 till:05/01/2011 shift:-27 text:Manitoba Moose (2001–11)
 bar:49 color:barcolor from:08/01/2011 till:05/01/2015 shift:-1  text:St. John's
 bar:49 color:red      from:08/01/2015 till:end                  text:Manitoba (2015–)
 bar:50 color:barcolor from:08/01/2001 till:05/01/2005 shift:-50 text:Utah Grizzlies (2001–05)
 bar:50 color:red      from:08/01/2007 till:end        shift:0   text:Lake Erie/Cleveland Monsters (2007–)
 bar:51 color:red from:08/01/2018 till:end shift:-100 text:Colorado Eagles (2018–present)

ScaleMajor = gridcolor:line unit:year increment:5 start:01/01/1936


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