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Geography of the United States

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A map of the United States
Territorial expansion of the United States

The United States is the third or fourth biggest country in the world. Only Russia and Canada are bigger. If you do not count the area of the Great Lakes, China is also bigger. Its geography varies a lot. The area is about 3,717,000 square miles, or about 9,629,000 square kilometers. The highest point is Mount McKinley, Alaska and the lowest point is Death Valley, California.[1]

The geographic center is in Butte County ,South Dakota. The geographic center of the 48 states is in Smith County, Kansas.[2]


The climate varies along with the geography, from tropical (hot and wet in summer, warm and dry in winter) in Florida and Hawaii to tundra (cold all year) in Alaska. Large parts of the country have warm summers and cold winters. Most of the northern U.S. gets snow in winter. Some parts of the western United States, like parts of California, have a Mediterranean climate. The southeastern United States can get hurricanes. Parts of the southern United States are subtropical (hot in summer and cool in winter). Tornadoes happen a lot in the Midwest.

The highest recorded temperature is 134 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest recorded temperature is -80 degrees Fahrenheit.