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United States presidential election, 1988

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1984 United States 1992
United States presidential election, 1988
November 8, 1988
George H. W. Bush, Vice President of the United States, official portrait.jpg Dukakis1988rally cropped.jpg
Nominee George H.W. Bush Michael Dukakis
Party Republican Democrat
Home state Texas Massachusetts
Running mate Dan Quayle Lloyd Bentsen
Electoral vote 426 111
States won 40 10 + D.C.
Popular vote 48,886,097 41,809,074
Percentage 53.4% 38.5%
United States presidential election, 1988

Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by Bush/Quayle, Blue denotes those won by Dukakis/Bentsen. Numbers indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state. Gray denotes won by Bentsen by a West Virginia faithless elector.

Incumbent President
Ronald Reagan

This election was between Vice President George H. W. Bush (Republican) and Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis (Democratic). Bush capitalized on a good economy, a stable international stage, and on President Ronald Reagan's popularity, running an aggressive campaign. Meanwhile, Dukakis's campaign suffered from several miscues, including failure to defend from Bush's attacks. This allowed Bush to win with a substantial margin of the popular vote; while winning the Electoral College by a landslide. Since the 1988 election, no candidate has managed to equal or surpass Bush's number of electoral votes won or popular vote percentage.

Vice President George H.W. Bush won the election by 426 electoral votes. Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis got 111 electoral votes. Lloyd Bentsen got 1 electoral vote by a West Virginia faithless elector.

This is where the two major candidates are still alive,.


Democratic Party

Democratic candidates:

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Republican Party

Republican candidates:

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