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List of countries and dependencies by population

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Countries and Dependencies by Population in 2014.svg

This is a list of countries and dependent territories by population. The number shows how many people live in each country. Countries with the most people are at the top of the list. Countries with the fewest people are at the bottom.

Also see: List of countries, List of countries by area, List of countries by population density.

Sovereign states and dependencies by population

Note: All dependent territories or constituent countries that are parts of sovereign states are shown in italics and not assigned a numbered rank.

Rank Country
(or dependent territory)
Population  % of world Date Source
(official or United Nations)
1 Template:Flag+link[a] <section begin=CHN/>1,424,670,000 March 17, 2023 18.2%<section end=CHN/> National population clock[1]
2 Template:Flag+link[b] <section begin=IND/>1,405,330,000 March 17, 2023 17.9%<section end=IND/> National population clock[2]
3 Template:Flag+link[c] <section begin=USA/>335,259,000 March 17, 2023 4.27%<section end=USA/> National population clock[3]
4 Template:Flag+link <section begin=IDN/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=IDN/> National annual estimate[4]
5 Template:Flag+link[d] <section begin=PAK/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=PAK/> UN Projection[5]
6 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BRA/>216,001,000 March 17, 2023 2.75%<section end=BRA/> National population clock[6]
7 Template:Flag+link <section begin=NGA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=NGA/> UN Projection[5]
8 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BGD/>174,442,000 March 17, 2023 2.22%<section end=BGD/> National population clock[7]
9 Template:Flag+link[e] <section begin=RUS/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=RUS/> National annual estimate[8]
10 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MEX/>Template:N+p 2 Mar 2020<section end=MEX/> 2020 census result[9]
11 Template:Flag+link <section begin=JPN/>Template:N+p 1 Mar 2021<section end=JPN/> Monthly national estimate[10]
12 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ETH/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=ETH/> UN projection[5]
13 Template:Flag+link <section begin=PHL/>113,158,000 March 17, 2023 1.44%<section end=PHL/> National population clock[11]
14 Template:Flag+link <section begin=EGY/>105,814,500 March 17, 2023 1.35%<section end=EGY/> National population clock[12]
15 Template:Flag+link <section begin=VNM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=VNM/> National annual estimate[13]
16 Template:Flag+link <section begin=COD/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=COD/> UN Projection[5]
17 Template:Flag+link <section begin=IRN/>86,274,800 March 17, 2023 1.1%<section end=IRN/> National population clock[14]
18 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TUR/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=TUR/> National annual estimate[15]
19 Template:Flag+link <section begin=DEU/>Template:N+p 30 Sep 2020<section end=DEU/> National quarterly estimate[16]
20 Template:Flag+link[f] <section begin=FRA/>Template:N+p 1 Mar 2021<section end=FRA/> Monthly national estimate[17]
21 Template:Flag+link[g] <section begin=GBR/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2019<section end=GBR/> National annual estimate[18]
22 Template:Flag+link <section begin=THA/>66,906,700 March 17, 2023 0.852%<section end=THA/> National population clock[19]
23 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ZAF/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=ZAF/> National annual estimate[20]
24 Template:Flag+link[h] <section begin=TZA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=TZA/> National annual projection[21]
25 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ITA/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=ITA/> Monthly national estimate[22]
26 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MMR/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MMR/> National annual projection[23]
27 Template:Flag+link <section begin=KOR/>Template:N+p 1 Mar 2021<section end=KOR/> Monthly national estimate[24]
28 Template:Flag+link <section begin=COL/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2021<section end=COL/> National annual projection[25]
29 Template:Flag+link <section begin=KEN/>Template:N+p 31 Aug 2019<section end=KEN/> 2019 census result[26]
30 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ESP/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=ESP/> National semi-annual estimate[27]
31 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ARG/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=ARG/> National annual projection[28]
32 Template:Flag+link <section begin=DZA/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=DZA/> National annual estimate[29]
33 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SDN/>Template:N+p 17 Mar 2023<section end=SDN/> National population clock[30]
34 Template:Flag+link <section begin=UGA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=UGA/> National annual projection[31]
35 Template:Flag+link[i] <section begin=UKR/>Template:N+p 1 Feb 2021<section end=UKR/> Monthly national estimate[32]
36 Template:Flag+link <section begin=IRQ/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=IRQ/> National annual projection[33]
37 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CAN/>39,241,200 March 17, 2023 0.5%<section end=CAN/> National population clock[34]
38 Template:Flag+link <section begin=POL/>Template:N+p 31 Jan 2021<section end=POL/> Monthly national estimate[35]
39 Template:Flag+link[j] <section begin=MAR/>36,371,400 March 17, 2023 0.463%<section end=MAR/> National population clock[36]
40 Template:Flag+link <section begin=UZB/>Template:N+p 17 Mar 2023<section end=UZB/> National population clock[37]
41 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SAU/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2019<section end=SAU/> National annual estimate[38]
42 Template:Flag+link <section begin=PER/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=PER/> National annual projection[39]
43 Template:Flag+link <section begin=AFG/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=AFG/> National annual estimate[40]
44 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MYS/>34,478,000 March 17, 2023 0.439%<section end=MYS/> National population clock[41]
45 Template:Flag+link <section begin=AGO/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2021<section end=AGO/> National annual projection[42]
46 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GHA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=GHA/> National annual projection[43]
47 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MOZ/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MOZ/> National annual projection[44]
48 Template:Flag+link <section begin=YEM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=YEM/> UN Projection[5]
49 Template:Flag+link <section begin=NPL/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=NPL/> National annual projection[45]
50 Template:Flag+link <section begin=VEN/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=VEN/> UN Projection[5]
51 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CIV/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=CIV/> National annual projection[46]
52 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MDG/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MDG/> National annual projection[47]
53 Template:Flag+link <section begin=AUS/>26,975,300 March 17, 2023 0.344%<section end=AUS/> National population clock[48]
54 Template:Flag+link <section begin=PRK/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=PRK/> National annual projection[49]
55 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CMR/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2019<section end=CMR/> National annual projection[50]
56 Template:Flag+link <section begin=NER/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=NER/> National annual projection[51]
Template:Flag+link[k] <section begin=TWN/>Template:N+p 31 Mar 2021<section end=TWN/> Monthly national estimate[52]
57 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LKA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=LKA/> National annual estimate[53]
58 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BFA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=BFA/> National annual projection[54]
59 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MLI/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MLI/> UN Projection[55]
60 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CHL/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2021<section end=CHL/> National annual projection[56]
61 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ROU/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=ROU/> National annual estimate[57]
62 Template:Flag+link <section begin=KAZ/>Template:N+p 17 Mar 2023<section end=KAZ/> National population clock[58]
63 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MWI/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MWI/> National annual projection[59]
64 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ZMB/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=ZMB/> National annual projection[60]
65 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SYR/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=SYR/> UN Projection[5]
66 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ECU/>18,186,100 March 17, 2023 0.232%<section end=ECU/> National population clock[61]
67 Template:Flag+link[l] <section begin=NLD/>17,666,600 March 17, 2023 0.225%<section end=NLD/> National population clock[62]
68 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SEN/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=SEN/> National annual projection[63]
69 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GTM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=GTM/> National annual projection[64]
70 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TCD/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=TCD/> National annual projection[65]
71 Template:Flag+link[m] <section begin=SOM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=SOM/> UN Projection[5]
72 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ZWE/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=ZWE/> National annual projection[66]
73 Template:Flag+link <section begin=KHM/>Template:N+p 3 Mar 2019<section end=KHM/> 2019 census result[67]
74 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SSD/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=SSD/> National annual projection[68]
75 Template:Flag+link <section begin=RWA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=RWA/> National annual projection[69]
76 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GIN/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=GIN/> National annual projection[70]
77 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BDI/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=BDI/> National annual projection[71]
78 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BEN/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=BEN/> National annual projection[72]
79 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BOL/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=BOL/> National annual projection[73]
80 Template:Flag+link <section begin=HTI/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=HTI/> National annual projection[74]
81 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TUN/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=TUN/> National semi-annual estimate[75]
82 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BEL/>Template:N+p 1 Feb 2021<section end=BEL/> Monthly national estimate[76]
83 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CUB/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=CUB/> National annual estimate[77]
84 Template:Flag+link <section begin=JOR/>11,430,600 March 17, 2023 0.146%<section end=JOR/> National population clock[78]
85 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GRC/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=GRC/> National annual estimate[79]
86 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CZE/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=CZE/> National quarterly estimate[80]
87 Template:Flag+link <section begin=DOM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=DOM/> National annual projection[81]
88 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SWE/>Template:N+p 28 Feb 2021<section end=SWE/> Monthly national estimate[82]
89 Template:Flag+link <section begin=PRT/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=PRT/> National annual estimate[83]
90 Template:Flag+link <section begin=AZE/>Template:N+p 1 Feb 2021<section end=AZE/> Monthly national estimate[84]
91 Template:Flag+link <section begin=HUN/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=HUN/> National annual estimate[85]
92 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ARE/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=ARE/> National annual estimate[86]
93 Template:Flag+link <section begin=HND/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=HND/> National annual projection[87]
94 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BLR/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=BLR/> National annual estimate[88]
95 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ISR/>9,667,090 March 17, 2023 0.123%<section end=ISR/> National population clock[89]
96 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TJK/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=TJK/> National annual estimate[90]
97 Template:Flag+link <section begin=PNG/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=PNG/> National annual projection[91]
98 Template:Flag+link <section begin=AUT/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=AUT/> National quarterly estimate[92]
99 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CHE/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=CHE/> National quarterly estimate[93]
100 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SLE/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=SLE/> National annual projection[94]
101 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TGO/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=TGO/> National annual projection[95]
Template:Flag+link <section begin=HKG/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=HKG/> National semi-annual estimate[96]
102 Template:Flag+link <section begin=PRY/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=PRY/> National annual projection[97]
103 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LAO/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=LAO/> National annual projection[98]
104 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LBY/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=LBY/> UN Projection[5]
105 Template:Flag+link[n] <section begin=SRB/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=SRB/> National annual estimate[99]
106 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BGR/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=BGR/> National annual estimate[100]
107 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SLV/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=SLV/> National annual projection[101]
108 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LBN/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=LBN/> UN Projection[5]
109 Template:Flag+link <section begin=KGZ/>Template:N+p 1 Feb 2021<section end=KGZ/> Monthly national estimate[102]
110 Template:Flag+link <section begin=NIC/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2019<section end=NIC/> National annual estimate[103]
111 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TKM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=TKM/> UN Projection[5]
112 Template:Flag+link[o] <section begin=DNK/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=DNK/> National quarterly estimate[104]
113 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SGP/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2020<section end=SGP/> National annual estimate[105]
114 Template:Flag+link <section begin=COG/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=COG/> UN Projection[5]
115 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CAF/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=CAF/> National annual projection[106]
116 Template:Flag+link[p] <section begin=FIN/>Template:N+p 28 Feb 2021<section end=FIN/> Monthly national estimate[107]
117 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SVK/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=SVK/> National quarterly estimate[108]
118 Template:Flag+link <section begin=NOR/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=NOR/> National quarterly estimate[109]
119  Palestinian National Authority <section begin=PSE/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=PSE/> National annual projection[110]
120 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CRI/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2021<section end=CRI/> National annual projection[111]
121 Template:Flag+link <section begin=NZL/>5,350,670 March 17, 2023 0.0682%<section end=NZL/> National population clock[112]
122 Template:Flag+link <section begin=IRL/>Template:N+p 1 Apr 2020<section end=IRL/> National annual estimate[113]
123 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LBR/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=LBR/> National annual projection[114]
124 Template:Flag+link <section begin=OMN/>Template:N+p 28 Feb 2021<section end=OMN/> Monthly national estimate[115]
125 Template:Flag+link <section begin=KWT/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=KWT/> National annual estimate[116]
126 Template:Flag+link <section begin=PAN/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=PAN/> National annual projection[117]
127 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MRT/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MRT/> National annual projection[118]
128 Template:Flag+link <section begin=HRV/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2020<section end=HRV/> National semi-annual estimate[119]
129 Template:Flag+link[q] <section begin=GEO/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=GEO/> National annual estimate[120]
130 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ERI/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=ERI/> UN Projection[5]
131 Template:Flag+link <section begin=URY/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2021<section end=URY/> National annual projection[121]
132 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MNG/>Template:N+p 17 Mar 2023<section end=MNG/> National population clock[122]
133 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BIH/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2019<section end=BIH/> National annual estimate[123][124]
Template:Flag+link (US) <section begin=PRI/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2019<section end=PRI/> National annual estimate[125]
134 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ARM/>Template:N+p 30 Sep 2020<section end=ARM/> National quarterly estimate[126]
135 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ALB/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=ALB/> National annual estimate[127]
136 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LTU/>Template:N+p 1 Apr 2021<section end=LTU/> Monthly national estimate[128]
137 Template:Flag+link <section begin=JAM/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=JAM/> National semi-annual estimate[129]
138 Template:Flag+link <section begin=QAT/>Template:N+p 1 Oct 2020<section end=QAT/> Monthly national estimate[130]
139 Template:Flag+link[r] <section begin=MDA/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=MDA/> National annual estimate[131]
140 Template:Flag+link <section begin=NAM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=NAM/> National annual projection[132]
141 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BWA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=BWA/> National annual projection[133]
142 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GMB/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2018<section end=GMB/> National annual estimate[134]
143 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GAB/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=GAB/> National annual projection[135]
144 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SVN/>Template:N+p 1 Oct 2020<section end=SVN/> National quarterly estimate[136]
145 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MKD/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=MKD/> National annual estimate[137]
146 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LSO/>Template:N+p 10 Apr 2016<section end=LSO/> 2016 census result[138]
147 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LVA/>Template:N+p 1 Feb 2021<section end=LVA/> Monthly national estimate[139]
Template:Flag+link[s] <section begin=Kosovo/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=Kosovo/> National annual estimate[140]
148 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GNB/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=GNB/> National annual projection[141]
149 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BHR/>Template:N+p 17 Mar 2020<section end=BHR/> 2020 census result[142]
150 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GNQ/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=GNQ/> National annual estimate[143]
151 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TTO/>Template:N+p 30 Jun 2020<section end=TTO/> National annual estimate[144]
152 Template:Flag+link <section begin=EST/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=EST/> National annual estimate[145]
153 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TLS/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MUS/> National annual projection[146]
154 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MUS/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=MUS/> National semi-annual estimate[147]
155 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SWZ/>Template:N+p 2020<section end=SWZ/> UN annual estimate[148]
156 Template:Flag+link <section begin=DJI/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2019<section end=DJI/> National annual projection[149]
157 Template:Flag+link <section begin=FJI/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=FJI/> National annual projection[91]
158 Template:Flag+link[t] <section begin=CYP/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=CYP/> National annual estimate[150]
159 Template:Flag+link <section begin=COM/>Template:N+p 15 Dec 2017<section end=COM/> 2017 census result[151]
160 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BTN/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=BTN/> National annual projection[152]
161 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GUY/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2019<section end=GUY/> National annual estimate[153]
162 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SLB/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=SLB/> National annual projection[91]
Template:Flag+link <section begin=MAC/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=MAC/> National quarterly estimate[154]
163 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LUX/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=LUX/> National annual estimate[155]
164 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MNE/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=MNE/> National semi-annual estimate[156]
Template:Flag+link[u] <section begin=ESH/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=ESH/> UN Projection[5]
165 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SUR/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2018<section end=SUR/> National annual estimate[157]
166 Template:Flag+link <section begin=CPV/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=CPV/> National annual projection[158]
167 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MLT/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=MLT/> National annual estimate[159]
Template:Flag+link[v] <section begin=Transnistria/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2018<section end=Transnistria/> National annual estimate[160]
168 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BRN/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2019<section end=BRN/> National annual estimate[161]
169 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BLZ/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=BLZ/> National annual estimate[162]
170 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BHS/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=BHS/> National annual projection[163]
171 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MDV/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=MDV/> National annual estimate[164]
Template:Flag+link[w] <section begin=Northern Cyprus/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2018<section end=Northern Cyprus/> National annual estimate[165]
172 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ISL/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=ISL/> National quarterly estimate[166]
173 Template:Flag+link <section begin=VUT/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=VUT/> National annual projection[91]
174 Template:Flag+link <section begin=BRB/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=BRB/> UN Projection[5]
Template:Flag+link (France) <section begin=PYF/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=PYF/> National annual projection[91]
Template:Flag+link (France) <section begin=NCL/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=NCL/> National annual projection[91]
Template:Flag+link[x] <section begin=Abkhazia/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=Abkhazia/> National annual estimate[167]
175 Template:Flag+link <section begin=STP/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=STP/> National annual projection[168]
176 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SAM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=SAM/> National annual projection[91]
177 Template:Flag+link <section begin=LCA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2018<section end=LCA/> National annual estimate[169]
Template:Flag+link (US) <section begin=GUM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=GUM/> National annual projection[91]
Template:Flag+link (Netherlands) <section begin=CUW/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=CUW/> National annual estimate[170]
Template:Flag+link[y] <section begin=Artsakh/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2020<section end=Artsakh/> National annual estimate[171]
178 Template:Flag+link <section begin=KIR/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=KIR/> National annual projection[91]
179 Template:Flag+link <section begin=GRD/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=GRD/> UN Projection[5]
Template:Flag+link (Netherlands) <section begin=ABW/>Template:N+p 30 Sep 2020<section end=ABW/> National quarterly estimate[172]
180 Template:Flag+link <section begin=VCT/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2020<section end=VCT/> National annual estimate[173]
Template:Flag+link (UK) <section begin=JEY/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2019<section end=JEY/> National annual estimate[174]
181 Template:Flag+link <section begin=FSM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=FSM/> National annual projection[91]
Template:Flag+link (US) <section begin=VIR/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=VIR/> UN Projection[5]
182 Template:Flag+link <section begin=TON/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=TON/> National annual projection[91]
183 Template:Flag+link <section begin=ATG/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=ATG/> National annual projection[175]
184 Template:Flag+link <section begin=SYC/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=SYC/> National semi-annual estimate[176]
Template:Flag+link (UK) <section begin=IMN/>Template:N+p 24 Apr 2016<section end=IMN/> 2016 census result[177]
185 Template:Flag+link <section begin=AND/>Template:N+p 31 Dec 2020<section end=AND/> National annual estimate[178]
186 Template:Flag+link <section begin=DMA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=DMA/> UN Projection[5]
Template:Flag+link (UK) <section begin=CYM/>Template:N+p 30 Sep 2020<section end=CYM/> National quarterly estimate[179]
Template:Flag+link (UK) <section begin=BMU/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=BMU/> National annual projection[180]
Template:Flag+link (UK) <section begin=GGY/>Template:N+p 31 Mar 2020<section end=GGY/> National quarterly estimate[181]
Template:Flag+link (US) <section begin=ASM/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=ASM/> National annual projection[91]
Template:Flag+link (US) <section begin=MNP/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MNP/> National annual projection[91]
Template:Flag+link (Denmark) <section begin=GRL/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2021<section end=GRL/> National quarterly estimate[182]
187 Template:Flag+link <section begin=MHL/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=MHL/> National annual projection[91]
188 Template:Flag+link <section begin=KNA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2021<section end=KNA/> UN Projection[5]
Template:Flag+link[z] <section begin=South Ossetia/>Template:N+p 15 Oct 2015<section end=South Ossetia/> Preliminary 2015 census result[183]
Template:Flag+link (Denmark) <section begin=FRO/>Template:N+p 1 Mar 2021<section end=FRO/> Monthly national estimate[184]
Template:Flag+link (UK) <section begin=TCA/>Template:N+p 1 Jul 2019<section end=TCA/> National annual estimate[185]
Template:Flag+link (Netherlands) <section begin=SXM/>Template:N+p 1 Jan 2018<section end=SXM/> National annual estimate[186]
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  6. Demographics of the 18 regions of France. Excluding overseas territories and territorial collectivities: French Polynesia, New Caledonia, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Clipperton Island, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and Wallis and Futuna.
  7. Excluding the 14 British Overseas Territories and 3 Crown dependencies shown separately.
  8. Including Zanzibar.
  9. Excluding the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and City of Sevastopol, Ukraine's administrative areas on the Crimean Peninsula which are disputed with and de facto administered by Russia. However includes all territory in the Donbas region where there are ongoing insurgencies by separatist forces.
  10. Excluding the demographics of the disputed territory of Western Sahara (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic).
  11. Taiwan (Republic of China) also includes the minor islands of Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu, etc. The UN does not recognize the Republic of China (Taiwan) as a sovereign state.
  12. Excluding the three constituent countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean Sea (Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten), but including the three special municipalities of the Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba).
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  18. Excludes Transnistria.
  19. Kosovo is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February 2008, but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. The two governments began to normalise relations in 2013, as part of the Brussels Agreement. Kosovo has received formal recognition as an independent state from 113 out of 193 United Nations member states.
  20. Excluding Northern Cyprus.
  21. Administration is split between Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, both of which claim the entire territory.
  22. De facto independent, de jure part of Moldova.
  23. De facto independent, de jure part of Cyprus.
  24. Abkhazia is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Republic of Abkhazia and Georgia. The Republic of Abkhazia unilaterally declared independence on 23 July 1992, but Georgia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory. Abkhazia has received formal recognition as an independent state from 7 out of 193 United Nations member states, 2 of which have subsequently withdrawn their recognition.
  25. De facto independent, de jure part of Azerbaijan.
  26. South Ossetia's status is disputed. It considers itself to be an independent state, but this is recognised by only a few other countries. The Georgian government and most of the world's other states consider South Ossetia de jure a part of Georgia's territory.
  27. The total population of 825 consisted of 453 residents and 372 nonresident citizens.